Receptionist Resume

Receptionist Resume Example
If you are aiming to work as a receptionist, and looking for tips to do it the right way, you have come to the right place. Here we will not only give you sample receptionist resume but the nitty-gritty details of this work as well.

Now as we know receptionists are professionals with great communication capabilities, who are supposed to work at the reception, handle visitors and tele-callers. A receptionist's job is not just to look and talk good. This is a common misconception, as they have to deal with many more matters. They should have extremely good oral and written skills and good command over English. They must also look presentable and be ready to take initiative and have leadership qualities. They must also be good at organizing and managing stuff as they somehow take care of all the office procedures, maintain the daily muster and visitor's muster. They must know how to handle difficulties and be capable of taking quick decisions.

Your professionalism and charm should shine through in your written correspondence with the employer, hence make sure the cover letter and the resume is impressive.

Some of the resume tips that you should pay attention to are given below:
  • Use active voice
  • Use a positive tone throughout the resume
  • Use professional fonts and styles
  • Use a proper cover letter format
  • Use a proper resume format
  • Make sure both the documents are free of any errors
  • Use references in the resume, but take permission from them for doing so
  • Check some receptionist resume samples on the net before starting your own

Steps that will lead you a perfect receptionist resume:
Step 1: Start with personal details. Everything from name, address, birth date to the nationality of the applicant should be mentioned in detail on the resume.

Step 2: Next comes a one-line objective. The objective should emphasize what you are looking for in the job and the job post.

Step 3: List down your skills in bullet format. Keep in mind that these traits should be relevant to being an efficient receptionist. The more these skills overlap with the credit checker "must haves" previously mentioned before, the better!

Step 4: Make sure that you enlist your experience in anything even remotely connected to the profession of a front desk executive. First, enlist all relevant and directly related experience. Lastly, include any experience that may not be directly related to the applied job, but which may highlight skills necessary for that position.
Note: If you have garnered any prestigious awards and recognition in your past, make special mention of it in your resume.

Step 5: Make a section of the resume only for academic information and academic achievements

Step 6: Hobbies, or areas of interest, if any.

Step 7: References, who will have positive things to say about you

We hope this article was helpful and now you will be the proud owner of an effective receptionist resume.
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District Adviser Resume

District Adviser Resume Template
District Adviser
A district adviser resume will be used when applying for the job of a district adviser. District Advisers work in the field of youth services and administer organization programs within a specific region. This job mainly deals with organizational and managerial abilities. In order to come up with a brilliant resume, you need to adhere to crucial resume rules and keep your employers point of view in mind when compiling your resume. Typical qualities in this profession would require knowledge of clerical and managerial work, an energetic, happy, outgoing, hardworking person, who can tackle difficulties and not get discouraged. However, most importantly, this person needs to be very passionate about the work they are into. Watch out for glaring mistakes like grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and typos. Some other mistakes might be committed without realizing. For this, you need to proofread your resume few times and get it proofread by someone else as well. The most important ground rule is to be honest. You should enlist your data in a way that would make the interviewer think of you as the best candidate for the applied job.  Here we have supplied you with a classic resume sample of a district adviser resume.

District Adviser Resume Sample

Contact Information
Name: Brittany Marshall
Address: 43, Potomac Street, Newland Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
Birth date: 7.01.1979

Seeking the reputed position as a district adviser in order to use my extensive experience, analytical and observational skills.

Skills and qualifications
  • Passion towards achieving greater good for all
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Outstanding analytical and observational qualities
  • Having a pleasant disposition and personality
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Brilliant leadership abilities

District Adviser, Weasels Youth Club, Alma, MI, 2006-present

Duties and responsibilities
  • Assisted the chief district adviser in all the preparations, activities and events of the organization
  • Worked on promotional strategies and fund raising operations
  • Represented the company in the region during meets and conferences
  • Helped in the designing of training, entertainment and social programs for the youth
  • Shortlisted, hired, and trained volunteers
  • Saw to the paperwork and compilation of records
  • Worked towards improving the organization's procedures and policies

Bachelor's Degree in Administration, Michigan State University, MI, 2002-2006

Member of the Institute of District Advisers since 2005

Areas of interest
  • Community Service
  • Attending International and State conferences and summits of social causes
  • Sketching
  • Cooking

Samuel Porter,
Chief District Adviser, Alma, MI (652 341 2363)

We hope that this district adviser resume has given you few important pointers you might not have been aware of before. Refer to it for creating your own resume fashioned to suit your employer's needs.
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Art Teacher Resume

Art Teacher Resume Sample
Art Teacher Resume
An Art Teacher is a creative job profile. The art teachers need to be proficient in teaching students and keeping themselves involved in regular research work. When you draft a resume to apply for job of art teacher, it should highlight your creative work and teaching expertise. To apply for the post of art teacher you need relevant work experience. Hence, instead of mentioning career objective at the beginning of your resume, you should mention professional summary at the top. Your resume should to the point; so that once the employer glances through it they are able to understand that you are the right candidate for the job. The example of resume provided below has been drafted considering essential points that should be highlighted in a resume for the post of art teacher.

Art Teacher resume sample is as follows:

Anthony T. Littlefield
2936 Concord Street
Charlotte, NC 28226
Home: 704-544-4632
Cell No.: 704-544-9485

Professional Summary:
  • Around eight years of work experience in the fine arts field as fine arts teacher and researcher
  • Active participation in xyz art exhibitions
  • Member of the Fine Art Teachers Association

Work Experience:

Senior Art Teacher, St. Peters College of Fine Arts, April, 2006 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Preparing students syllabus and other course material
  • Initiating the participation of students in exhibitions and encouraging them to display their work in art galleries
  • Member of the placement team and actively participate in the recruitment programs for the college students
  • Supervision of work of internship students and research workers
  • Participating in art research work and participate in art exhibitions
  • Help students in their research work and supervise them during their participation in exhibitions

Art Teacher, William College of Fine Arts, December, 2003 to March, 2006

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Teaching the students as per the syllabus provided by the college management
  • Evaluating the grades of students according to their performance in various assignments, projects, tests and exams
  • Maintaining records of the students grades, project records and submitting the details to the college
  • Conducting meeting with other teachers and researchers to evaluate the syllabus of students
  • Initiate classroom discussion with students to address their problems and queries
  • Participating in research work about new artistic techniques


Masters in Fine Arts, University of North Carolina, 2003

Bachelors in Fine Arts, University of North Carolina, 2001


Fine Arts Research Certification from Fine Arts Association of America

    • Member of North Carolina Art Researcher Association
    • Member of Art Teachers Association


    Rita F. Glen
    St. Peters College of Fine Arts
    4512 Flint Street
    Charlotte, NC 28226
    Cell No.: 704-544-4512

    Daniel D. Fox
    William College of Fine Arts
    145 Green Street
    Charlotte, NC 28226
    Cell No.: 704-544-1587

    You can use the art teacher resume provided above to apply for the post of art teacher. After drafting the resume, make sure that you proofread it to get rid of spelling, grammar and typographic mistakes.
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    Advertising Sales Agent Resume

    Format of Advertising Sales Agent Resume
    Advertising Sales Agent Resume
    An advertising sales agent’s position is quite demanding because candidates aspiring to become an advertising sales agent should be highly motivated. They should be able to take responsibilities, possess good organization skills, should be multi-tasking, should have the capability to work independently and possess good problem solving skills backed with excellent communication skills. The profile being so dynamic; an advertising sales agent resume should also be drafted in the most effective manner.

    The major responsibility of an advertising sales agent is to identify potential and new clients. They need to also maintain good business relations with clients and provide the best advertisement strategies and solutions. Achieving sales target and performing administrative duties are also included as far as their responsibilities and duties are concerned. Experience is therefore very essential in this filed.

    An advertising sales agent resume’s major highlight should be the applicants past work experience and achievements. Responsibilities undertaken during the past job and how often they had achieved the sales target in the previous jobs need to be effectively mentioned. The candidate should possess a good track record for this and should be able to prove their efficiency with the kind of work done.

    The minimum qualification required for this profile is a Bachelors degree specialized in Marketing or Advertisement is essential. Relevant courses and certifications in the same area are also preferred but it should be backed with good work experience in the advertising sales agent category.

    Advertising sales agent represent the company they are working for. The candidate should therefore be some one with pleasant mannerism, intelligent, good and quick decision maker, someone whose knowledge is backed with good communication and presentation skills apart from being creative and professional. These should form the strengths of the candidate. They can appear in the resume under the category of skills or strengths.

    Like most resumes an advertising sales agent resume should end with references from the previous employer or the current employer. Furnishing references takes the resume a step ahead as it gives an opportunity to cross examine the candidate and further aid employers to come to a conclusion. Candidates conduct and job ethics are scrutinized with the help of references.

    While drafting an advertising sales agent resume candidates need to make sure that all the information in the resume is authentic and accurate. There should not be any misleading or wrong information especially in the case of past job achievements. Although in many cases the sales targets are not achievable, candidates need to make sure that their past records are accurately listed on the ground of work ethics.  
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    Farm Laborer Resume

    To apply for job in the agriculture industry, you need to send a professional resume. In the competitive world, you must stay ahead of your competition. The employers in this agriculture field expect their employees to have professional approach. Therefore, drafting a resume becomes an important step that will help you to get the desired job. We have provided a sample farm laborer resume below that you can use for reference when you are drafting resume for the post of farm laborer.

    An important aspect about resume is to divide it into appropriate sections. The example resume that we have provided below is divided into different sections such as contact details, job objectives, professional summary, work experience, educations and references. Appropriate division and formatting of resume helps to improve the readability of your resume. Candidates with work experience should always mention their professional summary as it helps to quickly give brief details about their professional expertise and experience.

    Following is the sample of Farm Laborer resume:

    Aubrey H. Ventura
    972 Burning Memory Lane
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Home: 459-489-7845
    Cell No.: 459-489-2563

    Job Objectives:

    To work as Farm Laborer in an agro farming company that believes in producing excellent quality crops by using new technology and farming techniques.

    Professional Summary:
    • Over six years of work experience in the agriculture field
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Ability to work under supervision
    • Knowledge about using various agricultural equipments

    Work Experience:

    Farm Laborer
    Organizations Name: GBC Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd.
    Tenure: October, 2007 to present

    Roles and responsibilities:
    • Assisting to plough the fields according to the crops that need to be sowed
    • Sowing different crop seeds using appropriate methods that help to gain maximum profit
    • Assisting in planting crops using new machinery to plant small crops appropriately
    • Assisted in maintenance of paddy crops
    • Spraying and using natural fertilizers to improve crop quality
    • Taking care of livestock at the farms

    Designation: Contract Farm Laborer
    Organizations Name: ATC Farms
    Tenure: July, 2003 to October, 2007

    Roles and responsibilities:
    •    Plough the fields as per the contractors or framers instructions
    •    Sowing seed using new equipment or techniques that help in getting a better yield
    •    Planting small plants using new techniques to improve the quality of fruit
    •    Spraying fertilizers as per the instructions provided by the farmer
    •    Spraying pesticides in appropriate quantity to protect the crop from pests
    •    Taking care of the animal stock on the farms


    High School Diploma, St. John High School, 2003


    Earl M. Dotson
    HR Head
    GBC Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd.
    1344 Peck Court
    Philadelphia, PA 19109
    Cell No.: 459-489-1156

    Samuel K. Peterson
    HR Manager
    ATC Farms
    1344 Peck Court
    Philadelphia, PA 19109
    Cell No.: 459-489-1123
    Email-id: p.

    The free farm laborer resume that we have provided above has been drafted considering different features that need to highlight in a resume for jobs in the agriculture industry. You should always lay emphasis on your professional experience, expertise and skills. Make sure that your proofread the resume after drafting it.
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    Bill Collector Resume

    Bill collector resume is a formal document sent along with a formal cover letter while applying for the post of a bill collector. Let us first try to understand what bill collectors do. Bill collection is a somewhat of a customer service work, which refers to working for a credit card company or for companies that are into recovering unpaid debts. Debt collectors have to get in touch with debtors through email, post, or phone in order to collect their unsettled payments. In a nutshell, the job of bill collectors is to aid companies in restoring their customer's due payments. Bill collectors have to inform the clients of their debts and to mention the due date they are expected to pay and about the terms and conditions of credit contracts that they have signed as well.

    Bill collectors have to file legal complaint and take action against customers in case customers fail to repay their debts, or avoid debt collectors. Bill collectors are hired either by the firms that provide credit to consumers or by collection agencies. The main qualities that a bill collector needs to have are great communication skills, convincing skills, analytic skills and the dexterity to deal with problematic situations.

    Now that you know all about bill collectors and the qualities they need, it will be easier to state your credentials, skills, and experience in words in a way that would impress the employer and make him hire you. However, as you might not know all the not-very-well known resume writing rules, you might as well read these resume tips; they might help you in further improving your resume.
    • Use a positive tone and active voice
    • Use bullet points
    • Keep a clean and neat format
    • Use a cover letter
    • Do not use slang, jargon, shabby words and grammar
    • Be specific; do not jam-pack your resume with irrelevant things
    • Do not use flowery or showy language and be professional
    • Use personalized "career objective statements"
    • Enlist the names of references only after taking their permission

    These are the sections a resume should have:

    Contact information

    Contact number:
    Marital Status:
    Birth date:


    About me

    Skills and qualifications

    Work Experience

    Duties and responsibilities


    Areas of interest


    Hope these tips were helpful for you and you will be able to construct a good bill collector resume now.
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    Revenue Agent Resume


    Revenue Agent Resume Format
    Revenue agent resume is used when applying for the job post of a revenue agent. Your revenue agent resume should be personalized and tailored according to your job requirements. Here we have two revenue agent resume samples for you- one for freshers and one for experienced professionals.

    Revenue Agent Resume Sample - Experienced

    Contact Details

    Name: Rachael Green
    Address: 17, Reed Street
    Reedville, FL, USA, 87899
    Home: (131) 677-1237, 
    Mobile: (774) 947-8773


    Looking for a position as a Revenue Agent in order to use my work experience and skills for the betterment of the organization

    About me

    A talented, energetic, and quick-witted Revenue Agent with immense experience in conducting independent audits and supervisions of federal and state income tax returns

    • 5 years of experience
    • Attention to details
    • Exceptional data searching, data management ability
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Mozilla Firefox
    • Outstanding working knowledge of Statutory Payments and Deductions using SSP, TAX, SMP, NI etc
    • Knowledge of Local Government Pay and regulations

    Professional Experience

    • Revenue Agent, Dept. of Administration, Bayville, FL 2006 - Present
    • Go through decided tax returns to fix the nature and degree of auditing to be carried out
    • Study accounting records and books to check for correctness
    • Examine documents, monetary transactions, business financial practices, operation methods, etc.
    • Form and use legal documents such as leases, wills, and contracts for completing tax returns and accounting records
    • Inspect and retrieve federal tax felonies
    • Work for local appeals board to reassess unsettled disputes in terms of pertinent laws


    Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Florida University, 2002

    Stock Market

    Revenue Agent Resume Sample for Freshers 

    Personal Details

    Name: Abigail Windsor
    Address: 143, Pine Street, Defiance, MO, USA
    Contact Number: 235-123-7884
    Marital Status: Unmarried
    Nationality: American
    Date of Birth: 12-09-1987

    Career Objective

    Looking for the post of a revenue agent in a reputed organization where I can utilize my qualifications and skills

    About me

    Hardworking, straightforward individual with good accounting skills and required educational qualification

    Skills and qualities
    • Good communication skills
    • Exceptional accounting skills
    • Good attention to details and good analytic skills
    • Working knowledge of all accounting related software

    Educational Qualifications

    Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, New York University, NY
    Year Of Passing
    First Year
    Second Year
    Third Year
    Final Year

    • Accounting project at Mistletoe Finances, NY
    • Treasurer, Student Body  at Accounting School, New York University
    • Students Arts Group, NYU
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    Media Buyer Resume

    If you are a hotshot candidate looking to land a media buyer job, then you could not have come to a better site as here, we not only give you particulars on the job of a media buyer, but for your benefit, we have also provided you with a media buyer resume sample.

    First, let us have a brief run through of everything a media buyer’s job entails.

    Brief Job Outline of a Media Buyer and Traits He or She is Supposed to Posses

    A competent media buyer is supposed to be a maverick at obtaining prominent media space for his/ her clients. When we speak of “media space” out here, we are talking about advertising space in newspapers, magazines (print media) as well as in electronic mediums such as television, radio, and internet, besides outdoor mediums like billboards and murals.

    A media buyer is not only expected to negotiate deals for these advertisement and awareness spaces but also, whenever possible, bargain for the best deals without compromising on business etiquettes. After all, they are representing the client in front of prestigious media houses so any sloppy behavior on their part would surely reflect poorly on the client. So a media buyer is not only supposed to posses sharp people skills but also have a knack for sealing excellent deals in a tactful way where he or she does not come across as a haggler.
    Now, we present to you a convenient media buyer resume sample
    Media Buyer Resume Sample

    Personal Details
    Name: Carrie A. Winters
    Address: 216 Norfolk Rd., Westchester, New York (Note: not a real address)
    Marital Status: Single
    Birth date: 05.04.1982
    Being from a media background, I am already well aware of the fact that media buyers are expected to regularly participate in negotiations with media corporations in order to buy advertising / media space on behalf of their clients.

    To challenge myself in a media based business and utilize my people skills and media industry knowledge to the fullest potential in order to secure excellent deals for my clients when it comes to obtaining media space by negotiating with revered media corporations.
    Skills specific to the job at hand 
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Tactful when it comes to bargaining and well aware of the fact that I am dealing with revered media brands
    • Persuasive personality with the ability to refrain from being overbearing
    • Knowledge of MS Office

    Professional Background 
    Previously worked for Random House Book Publications for three years in the capacity of a media buyer and served as an advertising trend analyst. My duties involved dealing with various print outlets for buying advertising space in their esteemed publications as well as keeping track on the amount, nature of publicity given to Random House published books, and Random House organized events in various media.
    Academic Background 
    Received a Master’s Degree in Advertising from the University of California in 2005
    Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the University of California in 2002

    Past Achievements 
    Winner of the Peakley Award for “Most Promising New Media Buyer” for the year 2007

    See enclosed recommendation letter and contact info.

    I hope that with the help of these tips, you will now be able to write a good media buyer resume.
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    Tube Room Cashier Resume

    Tube room cashiers are cashiers who have to work in a tube room, their main job is to manage funds, currency and coins through the pneumatic tube. Tube room cashier resume must be written carefully, keeping in mind resume- writing rules. One of the basics of resume writing is that your resume should be free of mistakes. Grammatical, spelling and typographical errors are big turn-offs for employers. Use active voice and bullet points for an easy-to-understand, reader- friendly resume. Use font size and styles suitable for professional documents. Typically, keep the size 11 or 12, and use fonts styles like Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri are typically used. Proofread! This is one such step that is an absolute essential. You must proofread your resume many times after finishing it. Also, make your friend or colleague, who is a qualified professional, proofread it as well. This will help you in finding out mistakes that you will not be able to spot yourself. Avoid using jargon, flowery language, slang, or anything that will be considered as unprofessional. You need to highlight your qualities that are suitable to the job in hand. In addition, any work experience relevant to the job you are applying for should be mentioned clearly. Tube room cashiers should make it clear that they are acquainted with the new technologies and machines used. We have a tube room cashier resume sample for you, which will help you get an idea as to how you should construct you resume.

    Tube Room Cashier Resume Sample

    Personal Details

    Name: Nathan Morris
    Address: 20 Madison Avenue, New York, USA, 123416
    Home: (222) 444 3355
    Cell: (222) 333 3334


    Seeking a position as a Tube Room Cashier in order to utilize my skills for the betterment of the organization as well as my career.

    Summary of Qualifications

    • Six  years of experience as a tube room cashier
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
    • Good accounting skills
    • Attention to details

    Professional Work Experience

    Tube Room Cashier, Willie's, New York, USA, 2001 - Present

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Documentation of receipts and issuing of  bank funds
    • Receiving money and returning change with the help of the pneumatic tube
    • Assisting accounting clerks and junior cashiers
    • Recording all the payments received, denominations received and returned
    • Stocking currency manually and forming daily reports
    • Correction of error entries on the individual cash reports received


    High School Diploma, 1998
    New York High School, New York, USA


    • Coin collection
    • Cooking


    Christopher Bell, Willie's, NY. (89988 53671)
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    Medical Record Administrator Resume

    The job opportunities in the medical field are expected to have a steady increase. As new technologies are used to treat patients and keep their medical records, they result in introduction of new job profiles in this field. Medical Record Administrator is a health-related profession in which the professional has no direct hand in patient care. These professionals are responsible for keeping track of medical details of the patient, code their medical details and use them when required. The recruiters prefer recruiting candidates who have knowledge about tracking, maintaining, codifying, and updating medical records. The medical record administrator resume must focus on the candidate's professional experience in medical codifying and record maintenance. The resume mentioned below is an example resume for the post of medical record administrator that you can use for reference.

    Following is the medical record administrator resume sample:

    Contact Details:

    Name: Marc A. Wills
    Address: 4531 Ritter Street Killen, AL 35645
    Home: 256-272-4649
    Cell No: 256-272-4670

    Job Objectives:

    To work as a Medical Record Administrator in a well-known Hospital that uses EHR (Electronic Health Records) to keep track of patients medical records and aims at providing excellent service to their patients by using new technology.

    Work Experience:

    Designation: Medical Record Administrator
    Organization Name: Atkinson Hospital, Alabama
    Duration: November, 2008 to present

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Managing and operating electronic health records
    • Entering appropriate medical codes in the patient records
    • Maintaining a database of patients records and generating reports by extracting data from it
    • Providing training to the assistant medical recorders about new medical codes
    • Coordinating with the nurses and doctors and providing appropriate medical code details of the patient
    • Sending reports to the management

    Designation: Assistant Medical Record Administrator
    Organization Name: St. Xavier Hospital, Alabama
    Duration: March, 2005 to November, 2008

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Keeping track of patients medical records
    • Using various codes to note down medical information about the patient
    • Storing and updating medical details about the patients using various softwares
    • Keeping the doctors updated about the patient's medical details
    • Generating report at end of the day and submitting it to the appropriate department head
    • Submitting the weekly and monthly reports to the management


    Bachelors of Science, University of Alabama, 2005


    Certification from (PAHCS) Professional Association of Health care Coding Specialists


    Member of the American Academy of Professional Coders


    Pete N. Bishop
    Managing Director
    Atkinson Hospital
    3794 Clarence Court
    Killen, AL 35645
    Cell No: 256-272-4692

    Darryl L. Broussard
    Managing Director
    St. Xavier Hospital
    313 Gateway Road
    Killen, AL 35645
    Cell No: 256-272-1593

    The medical record administrator resume must be drafted after considering important points that need to be highlighted in resume for such jobs. You must take efforts to proofread your resume once it is drafted. It is vital to keep your resume mistake free. The resume length can be maximum two pages. Hence, you need to provide only relevant data in your resume to keep it short and simple.
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    Tax Assessor Resume

    Are you a tax assessor searching for the best resume for yourself? Do you want the best tips available on tax assessor resume writing? Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled ride? Yes, it will be about resume writing, where you will get some extremely helpful resume tips. To write out a good resume for the job of a tax assessor, you need to think from your employer's point of view. Tax assessors do appraisals and financial functioning of multiple properties. They have to verify if the reports and re-evaluations are correct. Here are some helpful resume tips for you:

    • Be specific. Do not fill your resume with unnecessary information
    • Be professional. don’t use slang or jargon
    • Use a cover letter to enclose your resume in
    • Use a positive tone in your resume
    • Use active voice, it makes the content easy to understand
    • Check for typographical, spelling, grammatical and other mistakes
    • Don’t use cliched and repetitive phrases and words in the resume
    • Do use certain keywords suitable to your profile as employers skim through resumes with the help of these
    • Add a technical skills section in your resume if you have any technical skills to speak of
    • Tailor your skills, work experience, hobbies in a way that suits the job requirements of the company
    • Keep the resume short, neat and to-the-point
    • Proofread your resume well enough to get rid of every mistake in your resume
    • Make someone, your friend or someone you know in the industry to proofread your resume and cover letter too
    • While adding "References" section, keep in mind that you need to ask those persons for their permission to list them in your resume
    • Do not use personal statements in sections like "About me"
    • If you do not have a decent GPA, but you are experienced, you do not need to add your percentage or GPA in the resume, but if you do have an impressive aggregate, you can surely flaunt it. After all, that is why they say, "If you got it, then why not flaunt it?", right?

    Now that you have all the tips you need to help you write a great, error-free resume, tailored according to your employer's needs, you should now take a look at the sections that are included in a resume and start constructing your own resume along it's lines.

    Here are the sections that should be included in a tax assessor resume

    Personal information

    Birth date:
    Marital Status:

    Career Objective

    Soft Skills

    Technical Skills

    Work Experience


    Education and Certification

    Achievements and Affiliations


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    Account Assistant Resume

    An account assistant’s profile is similar to that of an accounting clerk. They work under a senior accountant or an account’s manager to perform various functions ranging from maintaining records, updating financial documents, verifying bank statements and keeping a track on bills and payments. The job demands the right kind of qualifications to perform the day to day task in the most effective manner. Although experience in this field is not very essential but a little practical knowledge is a must for a better performance. While drafting an account assistant resume, candidates need to highlight their qualifications as it forms the base of a good account assistant resume.

    The resume for an account assistant should begin with an effective and impressive career objective. The candidate’s career objective should define their future goals and to what extent the candidate can go to get a rich experience to begin a fruitful career.

    Candidates aspiring for an account assistant’s position need to highlight their accounting proficiency and knowledge. The job demands to work in a team environment, listening and executing work as directed by the superiors, multi-tasking, working with a sound mind to avoid errors and be ready to face all kind of challenges. These would form the major skills of an account assistant resume.

    The job is quite confidential as account assistants take care of billing, invoices, reimbursements for employees, review financial statements, coding the information, prepare reports, process documents for fund disbursements, review the information to check its authentication and accuracy and the list goes on. The applicants have to therefore provide proper references and most companies do a thorough background check of employees before hiring them for this post. Majority of candidates for this post are hired through references.

    Account assistants are hired at different levels in an organization depending upon the company’s size and the kind of responsibilities assigned. Generally there are three levels of this job profile comprising of an entry level, the intermediate level and the advanced level. At an entry level the employees perform assignments and also learn the methodology and work procedure. At the intermediate level the assignments are performed with more responsibilities and at the experienced level accountants use their own personal judgments and decision making skills. The more experience an account assistant gain the more better he turns with time to become an integral part of an organization. Account assistants need to take feedback possibilities and should keep an open mind to gain knowledge as time pass by.
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