Public Accountant Resume

The job prospects for the post of accountants are expected to grow faster than other occupations in the finance field. The promising job prospects assure that there would be job vacancies available, but to get the desired job in finance industry, you need to take extra efforts. The most important document you need to draft is a resume. You should appropriately mention your professional experience and education, so that the employer considers you for the job. Most candidates have required qualifications and work experience, but are unable to mention appropriately it in their resume. Hence, we have listed some points that you should remember when you are drafting your public accountant resume.

Tips for writing public accountant resume are as follows:

    Public Accountant Resume Example
  • Mention your specialization: Public accountants are assigned various duties like accounting, tax calculations, auditing, and conducting consultation activities for the clients etc. You should mention your specialization in accounting in your resume. If you concentrated on tax issues and provided advice on business decisions with respect to taxes, then you need to mention it in your resume. Certain accountants specialize in forensic accounting and are associated in investigation and interpretation of white collar crimes. To get the desired job profile, you need to highlight your specialization details.

  • Highlight Certification: Most candidates applying for accountant jobs have a degree in accounting or finance. Hence, to be different from the competition, laying emphasis on certification detail is important. Employers would prefer candidates with CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification for this job. Hence, it is important to stress on your certification details in your resume. You may even list other finance related certification in your resume sample.

  • Professional Experience in reverse chronological order: The employer is not interested in reading about part time jobs you did during your high school. They would be interested in knowing your recent job profile and your duties during your previous jobs. Hence, it is essential to mention your most recent professional experience detail at top. Even when you are listing your duties, you should mention only duties relevant to the current job you are applying for.

  • Professional formatting: You should always used professional font and keep the font size readable. There should be margin left on all sides. Use of bright colors should be avoided.

The public accountant resume must focus on the candidates accounting specialization, certifications, work experience and duties performed during precious jobs. You can follow the tips provided above to draft a customized resume that would help you grab the employer's attention and get shortlisted for next round of interview.
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Resume Writing for the Beauticians

Beautician Resume Tips
Beautician Resume
Beautician’s job is a creative job profile. You might think why do you need a resume format for such as creative job profile. But in today's professional world, the employer prefers candidate's with professional approach. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of resume writing for the beauticians. You can collate your work experience, training, professional expertise details in your resume and improve your chance of getting shortlisted for the job.

Tips for writing beautician resume are as follows:

  • Professional Skills: As a beautician you are responsible for enhancing the beauty of your clients. When you are applying for the post of beautician, make sure you read the job advertisement before you start drafting your resume. If the employer is looking for beautician specialized in hairstyling, you need to highlight those skills in your resume. If you are not aware about the exact specialization the employer is looking for in the candidate, then mention your hairstyling, face treatments, manicure, spa, pedicure, and other beauty procedures.
  • Professional Expertise: Candidate's who have specialized in certain beauty treatment need to include this section in their resume. Include details about your specialization in spa treatment. Candidate's who are specialized in hairstyling need to provide details about the new hairstyling, straightening, coloring, bleaching, re-bonding, and curling techniques that they are aware of. If you are proficient in nail art, make sure you highlight it in your resume.
  • Training: Even though employers are not looking for candidates with specific academic background, it important to highlight details about beautician course or on-job training that you have attended. Provide details about the training program that you have attended. Those candidates who have any specialization certification, professional association member, or attended any important beauty training school need to include it in their resume.
  • Product Knowledge: Mentioning details about your knowledge of different beauty product will be considered as an added advantage. Let the employer know that you are aware about new beauty products in the cosmetics. You can even mention a list of cosmetic products that you have used during your previous jobs.
  • Major Clients: Candidates, who have worked for any special client or celebrity, should highlight it in their resume.
  • Free Sample Resume: You can refer beautician resume sample for guidance. By referring sample resume related to your job profile, you can easily draft a customized, professional, well-written resume for beautician.

The beautician resume must be drafted in such a way that it must focus on the candidate's professional experience, product knowledge, specialization in beauty techniques, training, and professional skills. Avoid using colorful and artistic font in your resume.
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Statement Clerk Resume

Statement Clerk Resume
Statement Clerk Resume
The job of a statement clerk is mostly associated with banks. However, they may work with any merchandising company as well. Wherever they work, they mostly prepare bills invoices, and statements of accounts for their customers. People working in this position should be expert in calculation and rectifying errors in statements. They must also be able to work for longer hours on computers. If you are looking for this position, prepare a statement clerk resume to show your knowledge, skills and work experience.

Being an office position, the statement clerk resume should illustrate administrative and clerical process knowledge. The recruiters should understand that you can enter, update and maintain business records in the computer system, including customers' database. Further, the resume should also illustrate mathematical knowledge since you will be computing bills and invoices, and preparing bank statements if employed in the bank.

The statement clerk resume should show skills such as working with numbers, active listening, understanding written and oral instructions, and monitoring work procedures. It must also include abilities to work for longer hours, calculate complex numbers, and draft reports and statements to excite the recruiters.

Further, the statement clerk resume should include work activities. The hiring personnel would try to look at your experience in compiling and processing business information. They would also like to know whether you have coded and categorized data completely and accurately. The information you would be describing in this section should match with the job, because there may be a few differences in responsibilities when compared to bank and other industries.

Now, how you will find the differences in duties and functions among industries will  depend on your smartness. Get some assistance from the resume writing tips. Copy any standard resume format and plan the layout. The statement clerk resume sample below will guide you on how to demonstrate responsibilities and skills.

Sample Statement Clerk Resume

Jason S. Friddle
1724 Spring Avenue
Norristown, PA 19403
Phone: (267) XXX-3719


A skilled clerical professional seeking a statement clerk position in the banking industry to exert my experience in compiling, reconciling and preparing accounts statements for customers.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Sound knowledge of clerical and administrative process
  • Self-motivated and proven ability to work for longer hours
  • Knowledge of numbers and mathematical calculation
  • Active listening and monitoring skills
  • Ability to interpret and execute written and verbal instruction effectively
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experienced in data compilation and processing
  • Expert in filing and maintaining records
  • Familiar with the data information system
  • Highly attentive to details with a knack for rectifying errors

Work Experience

Statement Clerk
My Bank,  Norristown, PA 2007 – Present
  • Compile data and prepare bank statements for customers' distribution
  • Review and reconcile differences and errors in records and accounts
  • Verify the canceled checks against old statement while preparing the new ones
  • Use bank machines for checks encoding and cancellation
  • Prepare envelopes with customers' address and insert accounts statements either by hand or using load machines for distribution
  • Rectify customers' signature, and enter details in the computer systems for canceled checks
  • Maintain records of cleared and canceled checks in separate files
  • Answer customers' question for returned checks by retrieving accounts statements
  • Hand over the statements to customers at their visit, or route it for mailing
  • Ensure customers' identification before passing checks
  • Weight and affix correct postage on envelopes for posting statements
  • Monitor and ensure proper working conditions of office equipments, and consult the right person in case of any failure
  • Follow customers' instructions for stop-payments
  • Accept customers request for check and make provision for delivery


High School Diploma
Liberty High School, Norristown, PA 2007


On request

This statement clerk resume sample can be copied and modified to send it to any organization you wish to work in. However, see that you are furnishing actual information both for work activities and skills you hold.
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Elementary School Administrator Resume

Elementary School Administrator Resume Example
Elementary School Administrator
Elementary School has an Administrator or Principal, whose job is to look over the entire working of the school and perform all administrative work. It is the administrator's job to take important decisions, entrust teachers as heads/ in-charge of certain activities, and make rounds to check if teaching is taking place properly and in a disciplined manner. They have to see that the funds are maintained properly and have to make sure meetings with trustees go smoothly. They have to solve problems related to curriculum, teaching programs and even certain issues/ fights between students that may arise due to varied reasons. An administrator plays important part in gathering feedback, recruiting new staff, admitting new students, etc. Making major decisions related to parent-teacher meets, community service programs, extra-curricular activities, etc. are some other activities an elementary school administrator will have to do.

Now that you know what the functions of an elementary school administrator are, you now have an idea how you need to state your own qualities to suit these. An administrator needs to have good leadership and managerial qualities, a happy disposition and a commanding personality. He/ she must be able to deal with all the exhaustive list of duties a school administrator has, and have a way with people as he/she will have to deal with people with different personalities. 

For providing you better assistance on writing a resume, we have mentioned some ground rules for resume writing, which will help you create a noticeable resume. 
  • Use a font size of 11-12 and a style used can be Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial
  • Use active voice in the resume, it is more easy to grasp what you have written if it is I active voice
  • Keep your resume free of typical errors like spellings, grammar and typos
  • Use shorter sentences, bullet points and clean language
  • Choose a neat and precise resume format
  • Add references but with their permission
  • Avoid jargon, flowery Shakespearean language, slang and similar 'lingo'
  • Highlight some noteworthy points that you feel are sure to impress the reader
  • Any work experience relevant to the job and other important relevant information, however, do not stuff up the resume with too much of irrelevant information
  • Quality, not quantity, matters
  • Do not forget- Proofread! Tell a professional or your friends, but proofread with a lot of backup

Hope these elementary school administrator resume tips were helpful. Now, you can start working on your superb resume. Best of luck with that job!
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Chief Telephone Operator Resume

Chief Telephone Operator Resume Sample
When you have the knowledge and technical expertise related to the communications industry, you can apply for the chief telephone operator position.  Here, you will need a resume that can brief your qualifications and experience matching with the job. When writing the chief telephone operator resume, you should focus on your skills and expertise. The resume should be intended to derive a favorable opinion about you on the readers' mind.

The chief telephone operator resume should highlight the four important components that have the capacity to win the readers' attention. They are:

Professional Summary

There are two possibilities when you are applying for the chief telephone operator position. First, you have already worked in a similar capacity. Second, you are waiting for an opportunity to move one step ahead in your career. Both these circumstances show that you have gathered skills and experience that make you a perfect fit for the job. Quite likely, there may also be some major achievements in your career. Summarize your entire work experience and the best points about you in this section. Remember, the employers would be attracted in reading the resume further only after reading this section. The best way to write this summary is by understanding the top three skills needed in the job, and including it by emphasizing on its importance.

Work Experience

The chief telephone operator positions need experience of telephone operators if you have not yet worked in this position. Other experiences will not qualify you for this position. List the latest job and the responsibilities you are handling, and follow it with the next immediate job held. This style of writing is known as a reverse chronological format, which is the most prevalent application format these days.

Candidate who has already worked as a chief telephone operator should describe his/her responsibilities in this manner:

  • Supervised and coordinated work activities of telephone operators
  • Prepared work and training schedules for new operators
  • Kept inventory and attendance records of employees
  • Handled incoming and outgoing calls
  • Solved complex communications problems that needed special care and attention
  • Compiled and arrange distribution of phone directories to clients
  • Kept records of personal calls made by the employees, and submitted the details to the accounts department for deduction
  • Discussed, identified and sorted problems faced by the operators
  • Interpreted and communicated company's polices to staff

Key Skills

Supervision, leadership qualities and communications are the most essential skills to become a chief telephone operator. Supervision skill is needed to instruct and keep a watch on the work of telephone operators. Leadership qualities will help in managing the team of operators, and communication skill will ensure that messages are passed and received correctly.


A sound academic background is preferred by most employers. State your qualification, including the training or education you have taken while performing the work of telephone operators.

Awards and Achievements

This section will stimulate the readers to know more about you. If you have something to describe in this section, it shows that you are valuable and have contributed your efforts for the benefit of the company. The readers will surely recognize and identify that you can repeat the same kind of commitment and dedication for them. They will be more inclined towards offering you the job.


This is the last and important component of the chief telephone operator resume. Since the position is supervisory and management-related, the employers need to know how you are both as a person and a leader. Add names of those people who can actually speak in your favor.

This ends the discussion for writing the chief telephone operator resume. Run spell-checker and proofread your resume before sending it.
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Weather Clerk Resume

Weather Clerk Resume Template
The job of weather clerks is similar to other clerical positions, but in a different context. They provide quick and correct weather information to airline, shipping and locals.  Sharp mind, excellent agility and knowledge of weather forecasting are necessary in this position. Therefore, when you are applying for the job, see that you include these essential elements in the weather clerk resume.

The information you would be relaying to the employee of transport companies such as air, water and road, is important in planning and scheduling their activities. If you are not able to read, interpret and communicate the weather report properly, the result may be unpleasant. Similarly, if the weather clerk resume is not conveying the details employers would look for, you will not get a chance to sit in front of them for an interview.

Therefore, before applying, follow the resume writing tips by reading it on the web. It is necessary to follow the steps in order to create a focused resume. Do all the preparation to create the resume like you do while taking an exam. Look out for a professional resume format for organizing information in a sequential manner.

Remember, before calling you for an interview, the employers would like to make sure if you have done what they have chalked out for the position. Based on that information, plan how you could show them that you can meet their expectations. For this, try to use action verbs and bullet points. Think that you have to achieve two purposes: first, convey your experience. Second, make it readable.

This resume sample will guide you in combining your skills and experience in a readable format.

Weather Clerk Resume Example

Ira R. Straus
247 Rebecca Street
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: (847) XXX-3579


To seek a weather clerk position and utilize my experience in compiling, interpreting, and distributing weather information for air, water and road transportation, and general for  awareness.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Knowledge of reading weather reports and charts
  • Experienced in forecasting nature of weather
  • Excellent in organizing and compiling information
  • Skilled in distributing weather charts
  • Exceptional ability in reading charts and messages
  • Ability to use printer, fax and photocopying machines
  • Deep understanding about system operation used in processing and distributing information
  • Strong attention to detail, and good communication skills
  • Ability to think logically and solve problems efficiently

Work Experience

Weather Clerk
ABC Corporation, Elk Grove Village, IL 2009 – Present

  • Compile and disseminate weather information to the dispatchers ( air, water and road transportation) to enable them to make their plans
  • Receive, and interpret messages and charts received by tel-autograph and telegraphic typewriter
  • Assemble and use tapes to fasten individual messages
  • Take print outs of weather charts, maps and reports
  • Post weather information to airline companies
  • Adhere to company's rules and regulations in providing information to prospective members
  • Relay important messages related to weather through the radio and television to alert locals

Weather Clerk
Swanky Institute of Environment Studies, Elk Grove Village, IL 2007 – 2009

  • Recorded weather conditions for disseminating information to dispatchers
  • Assisted in observing weather conditions by reading weather instruments such as thermometers, hygrometers and barometers
  • Received and relayed weather data within department and other stations using teletype machine
  • Collected information on humidity, pressure, temperature and winds with the help of weather observers


Associate Degree in Meteorology
New York University, New York 2007


On request

The weather clerks have to coordinate with the subject matter experts in case they are not able to understand certain weather conditions. Because of the nature of job, it is compulsory for these professionals to relay precise and accurate information to dispatchers. Use this weather clerk resume to convey your experience for the job.
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Train Clerk Resume

If you have used an umbrella, you would have realized that it covers and keeps safe those  that come under its area. Anything outside its parameter is totally neglected. Similarly, when you are writing a train clerk resume, you should include only that information which if capable of fitting in the position. Extra descriptions that could waste the readers' time should be strictly avoided. To ensure you are not whiling away yours and the employers' time, delve into the duties and obligations entailed in the position.

Learning the job obligations would be a great help in drafting the train clerk resume. Holding the official position, you will be responsible for issuing tickets, booking and scheduling parcels to its destinations, answering passengers' questions, supervising the loading and unloading of shipment in luggage compartment, coordinating with yard and terminal personnel, keeping and updating records of train arrival and departure.

The train clerk resume has to describe all these duties handled to show your capability. First, you must copy a latest resume format. You will understand the layout and the structure of the resume, which can be filled once you are ready with the ingredients. In addition to the format, you must also search for the resume writing tips. These tips will provide professional guidance in drafting in the train clerk resume.

Presuming you are ready with the format and the tips, you now need to roll your eyes on a resume sample to make your knowledge stronger and  effective. Find one below and start typing your train clerk resume after reading this sample at least twice.

Train Clerk Resume Sample

Glen K. Henning
2956 Stratford Drive
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: (808) XXX-3985


I would like to apply my experience and vast knowledge of clerical works by obtaining a train clerk position, where I can help the management in keeping customers satisfied, and  have personal growth as well.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Strong eyesight to capture minute details in train data
  • Ability to recognize color, and hear the sound from a longer distance
  • Knowledge of how to maintain and keep information about train arrival and departure
  • Impeccable communication and mathematical skills
  • Expert in using computer and custom software for ticket booking
  • Customer-oriented, and ability to solve problems
  • Good interpretation and interpersonal skills
  • Remarkable coordination and time-management skills
  • Critical thinker and adept worker
  • Flexible to work in rotational shifts
Work Experience

Train Clerk
ABC Country Train Services, Honolulu, HI 2009 – Present
  • Record arrival and departure time of trains
  • Document the number of train released from the terminal and through the station
  • Compare and record the delayed time of trains against actual time of arrival and departure
  • Request information to the Yard Manager and train crew for train delay
  • Use on-line console or telegraphic typewriter to post train information in the electronic data processing system
  • Receive and implement instructions from Yard Manager to execute clerical duties
  • Make bookings for goods transportation
  • Issue tickets for accommodating goods and luggage
  • Deploy and supervise activities of workers engaged in loading and unloading
  • Sort, tag, and ensure safe delivery of passengers' baggage
  • Coordinate with yard and terminal clerks for information on stationed engines

Asst. Train Clerk
ABC Country Train Services, Honolulu, HI 2007 – 2009
  • Executed clerical tasks as assigned by the train clerk
  • Assisted and supported the train postal clerk
  • Helped the administrative staff with routine works
  • Documented train timetables, and freight orders
  • Maintained train records and files
  • Communicated with clerks at other railway stations and informed about the goods in train


High School Diploma
Lion Club High School, Honolulu, HI 2007


On request

As said earlier, do not add irrelevant experience in the resume the readers will not look at. You can add billing or a booking clerk experience gained by working in a shipping or transport company. By altering this train clerk resume sample, you can convince the recruiting personnel in calling you for an interview.
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Incoming Freight Clerk Resume

Incoming Freight Clerk Resume Format
When you receive delivery of home appliances, or any other home-utility product, won't you check it thoroughly whether it is the same what you have ordered or paid for. An incoming freight clerk exactly does the same thing for his/her company. However, this is not the only work that is imposed on this clerical position. Whoever don this designation has to perform varied number of responsibilities. That is why when you are preparing an incoming freight clerk resume, knowledge about the job descriptions is very much essential to deliver the employers' expectations.

The incoming freight clerks mostly work with the transportation companies where a large amount of shipment activities takes place regularly. Working in this position, you will be responsible for compiling, maintaining and processing the shipping documents of incoming freights for expediting the transfer of goods from the dock to its destination. You will also be verifying the documents for outgoing shipments. In addition, proper stamping, assembling and addressing of the merchandise will be done you.  For delivering the result, you will have to be extra attentive in the job. The same type of attitude should be utilized while drafting the incoming freight clerk resume.

After having a thorough knowledge of the job descriptions, you will need a resume format to look at the arrangement, design or organization of the resume elements. In addition, some assistance from the resume writing tips will also help you a lot. To read a sample resume go through this incoming freight clerk resume.

Incoming Freight Clerk Resume Sample

Charles V. Hilliard
2430 Jerome Avenue
Mcallen, TX 78501
Phone: (956) XXX-2548


To work in the cargo industry where I can help the management in expediting the incoming and outgoing shipments to its destination by scanning goods, and validating the merchandise documents.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge and experience of shipping industries
  • Highly skilled in validating shipping documents
  • Efficient in reading and interpreting merchandise papers
  • Ability to prepare bills and converse with customers effectively
  • Excellent computer and communication skills
  • Skilled in using radio-frequency identification scanners
  • Remarkable attention to details and exceptional organizational skills
  • Skilled in accounting and calculation works

Work Experience

Incoming Freight Clerk
Blaze Shipping Company,  Mcallen, TX 2009 – Present

  • Validate, process and maintain shipping documents for incoming and outgoing merchandise
  • Prepare bills for goods for shipment
  • Assemble, stamp, and address shipping material
  • Receive, unpack and check the incoming goods to determine its compliance with the order
  • Review the bills of lading and invoice accompanying the incoming freights
  • Arrange for the delivery of goods of its destination
  • Record the condition of the shipment and its content
  • Record the bar codes on incoming product using hand-held scanner
  • Enter the product description into the computer system
  • Verify the differences in terms of quality, billed price, quantity and discounts
  • Schedule trucks for transporting the goods to the addressee

Incoming Freight Clerk
Quick Shipping Company, Mcallen, TX 2007 – 2009

  • Compiled shipment documents and prepared shipping charges bills
  • Examined merchandise and bills of lading for further action
  • Coordinated with the terminal employees for the removal of goods from the dock
  • Communicated with the consignee or agent to inform about the arrival of shipment
  • Passed on information to the clients about the weight, customs duty and clearance requirements
  • Removed the cargo from the dock by stamping the bills of lading
  • Calculated the shipping charges, storage and the delayed of goods by verifying the bills of lading
  • Prepared bills and submitted it for payment collection to the accounts department


Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
New York University, New York 2007


On request

The incoming freight clerks have to arrange for the transportation of the goods from the dock. They also have to ensure that the company is not losing any money due to delay of the freight beyond its scheduled time of departure. If you want to success in your shipping career, use this incoming freight clerk resume sample.
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Help Desk Specialist Resume

Help Desk Specialist Resume Sample
Help Desk Specialist
When you are applying for jobs in the customer service industry, you need to draft resume that focuses on your professional skills and expertise. More than education qualification the employer is interested in checking the candidate's professional experience and expertise. The help desk specialist resume sample is provided below for your guidance. You can refer this help desk specialist resume and draft a well-planned, customized resume.

Help Desk Specialist Resume Example

Contact Details

Name: Suzanne D. Matlock
Address: 1362 Losh Lane, Mckeesport, PA 15132
Home Phone: (412) 672 4127
Mobile No.: (412) 672 7439

Professional Summary

  • Over eight years of professional experience as Help Desk Specialist
  • Received several appreciation emails from customers for providing excellent customer service
  • Received 'Best Target Achiever Prize' for maintaining AHT of calls and giving maximum first call resolutions

Work Experience

Designation: Help Desk Specialist
Name of Company: HDC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: January, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide customer service to the business clients over the phone
  • Resolve customers technical issues over the phone, via chat, and mail
  • Maintain first call resolution and AHT of the calls
  • Send daily and weekly reports to the manager
  • Attend training sessions to improve communication skills, customer service skills, and process knowledge

Designation: Help Desk Specialist
Name of Company: KLM Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: June, 2003 to January, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Answer customers technical queries related to computer problems
  • Assist the customer to set up their email client
  • Solve queries of the customers related using different software and internet
  • Troubleshoot the customer queries over the phone and via chat
  • To maintain the AHT of the calls
  • Send call track records to the manager

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Computer Application, University of Pennsylvania, 2003
  • High School Diploma, St. Mathew's High School, 2000


  • Good listening skill
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Hardworking
  • Punctual
  • Able to handle irate customers

Computer Proficiency

  • Operating systems: Windows and Linux
  • MS Outlook, Lotus Notes
  • Internet


Member of the Pennsylvania Help Desk Specialist


Certificated Help Desk Specialist from DCB Institute


Name: Adam D. Kenneth
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: KLM Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 1478 Posh Lane, Mckeesport, PA 15132
Mobile No.: (412) 672 1593

Name: Peter W. White
Designation: HR Head
Name of Company: HDC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 415 Apple Lane, Mckeesport, PA 15132
Mobile No.: (412) 672 8457
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Postal Service Clerk Resume

Postal Service Clerk Resume Format
Postal Service Clerk
Though electronic communication has greater advantages in this fast-paced scenario, it is yet to overshadow the conventional method of delivery. When it comes to delivering confidential or virtual packages, there is no comparison with the US Postal Service. The United postal offices spread across the country ensure that the packages are delivered to the addressee safely and in time. It not only offers a peace of mind to the senders, but also helps people with job opportunities. The most popular job in the postal department is of the postal service clerk, because this position needs minimum educational qualification, and at the same time provides a good source of income. If you want to apply, start writing a postal service clerk resume.

The postal service clerk resume is required to find a job in the local post offices. Basically, the work is parallel with the customer service. That is why customer service skill is a must in this position. You must be able to answer the customers’ question at the counter, and assist them to achieve their purpose of visit. The service could be selling stamps, post cards, and schemes offered by the post office. You will also be issuing money orders, sorting incoming and outgoing mails for distribution.

You may have handled the postal service clerk responsibilities, but your postal service clerk resume should speak for you.  Remember, until and unless you describe the duties handled in the resume, the employers will not be able to recognize it, or call you for an interview. Therefore, it is always in one’s best interest to take out some time for reading the resume writing tips, resume examples and resume templates. The time wasted is worth getting prepared for writing the postal service clerk resume.

Sample Postal Service Clerk Resume

Anthony J. Robinette
1222 Wilkinson Street
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: (615) XXX-2578


Looking for a postal service clerk position where I can apply my customer service and clerical skills in the best of interest of the organization.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced postal service clerk with thorough knowledge of mailing services and industry
  • Skilled in providing effective customer service
  • Brilliant written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently or under no supervision
  • Excellent knowledge of work ethics and office mannerism
  • Computer knowledge and good typing speed
  • Highly organized with remarkable time management skills
  • Trustworthy, sincere and hard worker

Work Experience

Postal Service Clerk

Brentwood Postal Services, Brentwood, TN 2009 – Present

  • Greet and respond to customers’ inquiries about postal services
  • Forward information on postal rates, delivery schedules, and mail regulations and procedures
  • Weigh envelopes and packages to determine correct postage
  • Collect and record the cash collected by selling stamps, post cards, etc.
  • Issue and accept cash for money orders, fixing postal charges
  • Make entries of incoming and outgoing mails in the computer systems
  • Prepare and issue receipts for certified mail or speed post
  • Count and tally cash in the drawer at start and end of the shift
  • Accept and solve customers’ problems related to late deliveries, loss of packages in transit
  • Refer to the supervisor for complaints for package damage and act as instructed
  • Ensure correct postage and addresses on envelopes

Mail Clerk
Rapid Mail Services, Brentwood, TN 2007 – 2009

  • Handled incoming and outgoing mails
  • Sorted and arranged packages for distribution
  • Assisted in clerical and administrative duties
  • Computed postage on goods for delivery, and wrapped them neatly to protect it from any damages
  • Collected and secured cash collected during working hours
  • Recorded daily transactions in the computer systems
  • Sold and collected payments for postal stamps, mail envelopes and post cards


High School Diploma
Wisdom High School, Brentwood, TN 2007


On request

Besides selling postal stamps, envelopes and letters, postal service clerks have to manage the front-office clerical work. They may even have to assist customers in filing a claim for loss, or damage of the parcel. If your postal service clerk resume can show all these primary duties to the potential employers, you will surely be called for an interview.
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New Accounts Clerk Resume

New Accounts Clerk Resume Examples
New Accounts Clerk
Everybody wishes to have a desire job. However, only those who are able to spur the recruiters to call them with the help of a crisp and neatly formatted resume succeed in their ambition. Those who lack the resume writing skills miss the only chance to make the most out of it. Take for example, when you are applying for a new accounts clerk position in a bank, in spite of holding the abilities and experience, you still could not get the coveted call from the potential employers. The reason is you are not able to create the right impression with the new accounts clerk resume. If you truly want the job, you will have to present yourself differently than others.

There are many ways to create an impression on people. You can impress someone with proper dressing, attitude, style of speaking, etc. However, for the job application, the only tool in your hand is your resume. It is something you can use it to win the job you are eager for. Here, you will be using words alone to grab someone’s attention. Therefore, the new accounts clerk resume should be carefully worded that could generate a favorable result.

The wordings to be used in the new accounts clerk resume should be job-related. You must make maximum use of such words that could put you in the right frame. For the new accounts clerk position, words such as credit, debit, execute, compile, interview, issue, perform, schedule, etc. would be appropriate. Try to create a sentence with it that could show you have done the job.

This new accounts clerk resume sample will illustrate how to add keywords in your resume.

Sample New Accounts Clerk Resume

Peter L. Hughes
1130 Pinewood Avenue
Gladstone, MI 49837
Phone: (906) XXX-1597


I would like to work as a new accounts clerk in any banking institution where I can help the organization in attracting customers to open all types of accounts by educating them about the services at their disposal.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced and knowledge of banking procedures
  • Familiar with accounting and clerical principles
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent understanding on how to interview customers wishing to open bank accounts
  • Good coordination skills and time-management skills
  • Ability to record and maintain customers’ database
  • Computer and foreign exchange proficiency

Work Experience

New Accounts Clerk
Global Bank Ltd., Gladstone, MI 2009 – Present

  • Answer questions and assist customers in filling application form
  • Interview people looking for opening bank accounts, and explain them about services available such as saving and current accounts, securities, bonds, and loans
  • Request identity, and address proofs for opening new accounts, including two witnesses
  • Compile information needed for opening bank accounts
  • Credit and debit accounts into respective records
  • Issue passbook, ATM and credit cards to customers
  • File and maintain necessary forms and documents
  • Converse with customers and direct them to the respective personnel for loan or other requests
  • Perform clerical task related to bank account
  • Execute customers’ request for safe deposit or locker facility
  • Schedule clients’ appointments with the manager

New Accounts Clerk
City Bank, Gladstone, MI 2007 – 2009

  • Educated customers with the bank procedures and services
  • Opened saving, and current accounts for individuals and corporations
  • Communicated and obtained credit records from the credit bureaus
  • Accepted deposit and issued receipts for the same
  • Answered phone calls, and rectified errors in the bank accounts
  • Handled bank teller duty as needed
  • Executed request for transfer of funds through net banking
  • Issued copies and details of bank accounts to branches
  • Issued and replaced locker keys to customers
  • Implemented foreign currency and traveler’s checks transactions
  • Maintained and scheduled repairs for safe-deposit lockers


  • Associate Degree in Accounting
  • City College of Management and Accounting, Gladstone, MI 2007


On request

Having talked about the importance of job-related keywords, this new accounts clerk resume sample has tried to assimilate all the essential qualities employers would prefer in this position. Make changes in this sample resume creating your resume that is unique and different.
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Occupational Analyst Resume

Most candidates apply for jobs possess relevant work experience and academic background, yet are unable to get the desired job. It is utmost important to draft a well-written resume. Resume is a tool used to market you. It should include details that prove your suitability for the job. The occupational analyst resume must be drafted in professional format.

Sample Occupational Analyst Resume

Contact Information

Name: Timothy S. Scott
Address: 1886 Spring Avenue, Portland, PA 97205
Home: (267) 564 5672
Mobile No.: (267) 564 1145

Job Objective

I would like to work as Occupational Analyst with well-known company, where I would be able to use my knowledge about pay structures, government rules and regulations, and performance evaluation system.

Professional Experience

Designation: Occupational Analyst
Name of Organization: KGH Corporate House
Tenure: August, 2009 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To study the company's pay structure and decide whether the salary scale compliance with the government rules and regulations
  • Remain updated about governments changing rules and regulations
  • To analyze the firm's performance evaluation system
  • Attend seminars to understand the effect of new industry trends that affect workers relationships
  • Send analysis report to the Administrative Head

Designation: Assistant Occupational Analyst
Name of Organization: SDG Company Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure: June 2005, to August, 2009
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collect data related to federal and local government rules and regulation related to salary scale compliance
  • Review and understand the company's salary structure
  • Evaluate company's performance evaluation system
  • Attend training sessions to understand new industry trends and salary scale compliances


Masters in Business Administration (Specialization: Human Resource), University of Pennsylvania, 2005

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 2002


  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Able to work in coordination with a team

Computer Proficiency

  • Internet
  • MS Office: MS Access, MS Outlook, MS Word, Ms Excel, and Ms PowerPoint
  • SAP software


Certified Occupational Analyst from FGH Institute


Member of the Pennsylvania Occupational Analyst Association


Name: Jessie T. McClary
Designation: HR Manager
Name of Organization: KGH Corporate House
Address: 1984 Glenwood Avenue, Portland, PA 97205
Mobile No.: (267) 564 1125

Name: James M. McLendon
Designation: HR Head
Name of Organization: SDG Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 3857 Lee Avenue, Portland, PA 97205
Mobile No.: (267) 564 4739

The occupational analyst resume example that is provided above can be used for reference. Please proofread the resume before sending it to the recruiter.
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Document Analyst Resume

Document Analyst Resume Sample
The document analyst resume should be drafted considering important points that need to be paid attention on to improve your chances of getting selected for the job. Jot down important points that you wish to mention in your resume. We have mention resume sample below for your guidance.

Sample Document Analyst Resume

Contact Details

Name: Brian C. Tuttle
Address: 3771 Columbia Mine Road, Beckley, WV 25801
Home: (304) 573 7009
Mobile No.: (304) 573 7114

Professional Summary

Around seven years of professional experience as Document Analyst
Proficient in analyzing accuracy of different office documents

Work Experience

Title: Document Analyst
Name of Organization: ADE Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: October, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To analyze all the documents and reporting system used in the company
  • To proofread and make changes in the documents to be circulated in the company
  • To inspect various tools and technique that are used for document management
  • Reviewing accuracy of the business documents
  • Attending meetings with the management and administrative team
  • Send document analysis report to the management

Title: Assistant Document Analyst
Name of Organization: HBC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: June, 2004 to October, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To assist the Document Analyst in reviewing the accuracy of different documents
  • To attend training sessions and seminars to understand new document analysis methods
  • Attend meetings conducted for document review
  • Submit document analysis report to the administrative head

Education Details

Bachelor of Arts, University of West Virginia, 2004


  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent analysis skills
  • Able to work in coordination with team members

Computer Skills

  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Word
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Access
  • Proficient in using Internet


Document Analyst Certification from DFG Institute


Member of the West Virginia Document Analyst Association


Name: Bernard L. White
Title: HR Head
Name of Organization: ADE Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 3849 Peck Court, Beckley, WV 25801
Mobile No.: (304) 573 4159

Name: Leonard G. Currey
Title: HR Manager
Name of Organization: HBC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 2306 Bryan Street, Beckley, WV 25801
Mobile No.: (304) 573 1548

The document analyst resume should be written considering important points such as professional experience, professional summary, education, and skills that need to be focus in resume for Document Analyst.
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Automobile Contract Clerk Resume

People interested in selling their automobiles have to approach the dealers who purchase and sell used vehicles to customers. They have to follow certain procedures that could legalize the transaction. For this, an automobile sales contract is drafted by the seller, which includes the vehicles details and parties involved in the transaction. This sales paper is then verified by the automobile contract clerk. The automobile contract clerk confirms and validates the brand name of a vehicle, the identification number, the year of manufacturing, the proposed selling price and the number of kilometer run. This profession holds good opportunities because of the volatile nature of automobile industries. If you have an appetite for sales and bear an excellent knowledge about vehicles, you are the right person to enter this arena. With a basic accounting knowledge, and a decent automobile contract clerk resume, you can kick start your career.

The automobile contract clerk resume should demonstrate your experience in verifying automobile sales contracts. You must be able to calculate tax, interest rates and insurance premiums of the vehicle. In addition, ensure that the automobile contract clerk resume speaks about your coordination and writing skills. For you will have to work parallel with the motor vehicle agencies for acquiring or transferring vehicle titles.

Though not much of accounting work is involved in the job, the automobile contract clerk resume should communicate your knowledge and experience in calculating tax and total price of the vehicle. Scan some resume examples and writing tips in your hand before starting with the resume. All these things will prove a great help in creating your resume. The sample given below will also be a good assistance while applying.

Sample Automobile Contract Clerk Resume

Garth M. Rael
1558 Payne Street
Norton, VA 24273
Phone: (276) XXX-2739


With years of automobile selling experience and knowledge about legal contracts, I would seek the position of an automobile contract clerk where I could help the company in verifying and authenticating automobile sales contracts.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented professional
  • Good understanding about accounting and sales contract
  • Tech savvy and at ease in working with computers
  • Strong coordination and organizational skills
  • Impressive and articulate person
  • Excellent typing speed and flair for calculations
  • Skilled in operating office equipments such as fax and photocopying machine, scanner, etc.
  • Ability to understand and complete contract form
  • Familiar about Federal Acquisition Regulations

Work Experience

Automobile Contract Clerk
Universal Auto Sales Company, Norton, VA 2009 – Present
  • Interpret and verify legal terminology of automobile sales contract
  • Draw the exact sales figure using tables, and schedules by computing tax, insurance premiums, transfer and license fees and interest rates
  • Calculate the number of premium and verify it with the total price of vehicle
  • Speak with customers to learn what vehicle they are looking for, and read out terms of contract
  • Communicate in writing with motor vehicle agencies for transforming or clearing ownership title
  • Transfer and obtain vehicle registration and essential documents both for cars sold and purchased
  • Maintain sales contract records

Asst. Automobile Contract Clerk
A-1 Car Dealers, Norton, VA 2007 – 2009
  • Followed standard operating procedure for file maintenance
  • Faxed, posted and mailed sales reports and documentation
  • Maintained sales and purchase records
  • Update information in the computer system about insurance certificate, payments, option period and notifications
  • Collected overdue payments from customers


High School Diploma
Fame High School, Norton, VA 2007


On request

The job of verifying automobile sales contracts needs quite accuracy and attention to details. This automobile contract clerk resume will help you to show the prospective employers that you are capable of verifying sales deeds.
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