Hair Stylist Resume

Hair Stylist Resume Example
Hair Stylist
It is believed by experts that the business of the cosmetology industries will grow more exponentially in the coming years. There would be more demand for skilled workers who can serve people in improving their personal appearance. Among all those available options, the demand for hair stylists, also known as cosmetologist, will be higher. People interested in pursuing a career as a hair stylist have greater chances in earning their living. Jobs are easily available if you are trained and skilled with different types of services. There are few things you have to include in the hair stylist resume while applying.

The hair stylist resume should clearly state the position you want. This is because these days all high-end and fancy salons offer a variety of services ranging from coloring, cutting, trimming, giving waves to hairs, layering, texturing and styling. The resume should justify the applied position with your professional training and experience to make you suitable for appointment.

The hair stylist resume should summarize your qualifications. You must state how many years you have been working in this profession. What are your personal qualities, what skills and ability you have obtained, how informed and good are you in working with current trends, and are you someone who can work in team and agree to clients’ request? These are few important questions you should answer in the summary statement.

The experience details in the hair style resume should state the position hold, and responsibilities shouldered. It should also show where and in which salon or spas you have worked and how long. There is a particular format you should follow when describing your work history. You will get to know from the resume writing tips and examples of resumes.

Sample Hair Stylist Resume

Travis J. Darnell
695 Simons Hollow Road
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone: (570) XXX-2548


I am looking for a hair stylist position in a fancy and high-end salon where I can help the owners with my talents and creativity in providing a new and enhanced look to their esteemed customers.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Six years of experience as a hair stylist from two different salons
  • Hold a certification from a well-reputed institute teaching cosmetic treatments
  • Excellent customer service and communications skills
  • Knowledge of the latest hair style trends
  • Complete knowledge of hair-care treatments
  • Know how the cosmetology industries operate
  • Artistic and creative ability in producing new hair styles
  • Excellent team player and flexible with any working conditions
  • Good public relations skills with patient and positive attitude


Hair Stylist
New Brand Salon, Bloomsburg, PA 2009 – Present
  • Handle the salon’s clients with great care and developing good relationships
  • Designed traditional and contemporary hair styles for men and women
  • Schedule appointments as per clients’ requests
  • Color, perm, trim and style hairs matching the current trends
  • Visit clients on special requests to style their hairs
  • Listen to clients’ request and help them understand the right style for their hairs
  • Offer a catalogue to clients showing different hair styles to know their taste
  • Work and innovate new hair styles to attract more customers to salons
  • Answer phone calls, and supervise staffs’ work in owner’s absence
  • Check and ensure cleanliness and sanitation of all work stations
  • Analyze hair and scalp to determine the right treatment and style
  • Handle wet and thermal styling

Hair Stylist
The Stylist Salon, Bloomsburg, PA 2006 – 2009
  • Maintained business relationship with clients and staff
  • Trained new assistants on various hair cutting and styling techniques
  • Sold hair-care products to clients
  • Performed administrative duties such as filing clients’ records, answering phone calls, entering petty expenses and numbers of client visits each day
  • Worked with all types of tools such as scissors, brushes, razors, trimmers, dryers, and clippers
  • Performed bleaching, shampooing and coloring activities


High School Diploma
Big City High School, Bloomsburg, PA 2006

Hair Styling Certification
Eternal Institute of Beauty 2008


On request

Hair stylists have to be creative in designing new hair styles. They should have the flair and artistic skills to innovate styles according to the shape of the face. If you have all these skills in you, use this hair stylist resume as a tool to find the right employment.
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Television News Reporter Resume

Television News Reporter Resume Format
Television News Reporter
The job opportunities for television news reporters are expected to improve as per a recent survey. As you are expected to see better job opportunities, you will also face tough competition. Therefore, staying a step ahead of your competition by drafting well-written resume is essential. You should plan your resume, before you actually start writing it. Take time to jolt down important points that you desire to include in the television news reporter resume. Your resume must always be short and precise. Take a conscious effort to include only important details in your resume.

Sample Television News Reporter Resume

Contact Details:

Name: Scott A. Bernal
Address: 2797 Mercer Street Wausau, WI 54401
Home: (715) 604 9489
Mobile No.: (715) 604 1169

Professional Summary:
  • Around eight years of work experience as Television News Reporter with leading News channels
  • Knowledge about information collection
  • Proficient in covering all the elements of news by conducting interviews, meeting people, creating notes, taking pictures and capturing videos
  • Received 'Best News Report Award' for the year 2011 from Wisconsin News Reporters Association

Work Experience:

Title: Television News Reporter
Name of Company: LGC News
Tenure: July, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Investigate news tips and leads
  • Interview people to get more details about the news to be covered
  • Take notes, click photographs and make videos
  • Use the documents collected to write the news report
  • Cover the stories live from the scene
  • Edit news report and make amendments before presenting it to the audience
  • Getting approval from the management before covering and broadcasting any major news
Title: Assistant Television News Reporter
Name of Company: ABC News
Tenure: June, 2003 to July, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Working along with the news team to cover major news
  • Assist senior news reporters to take pictures, notes and videos at the scene
  • Helping in editing the news report
  • Conducting interview, making notes and submitting it to the management
  • Sending news coverage report to the management


Masters of Journalism, University of Wisconsin, 2003
Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin, 2001


Member of Wisconsin News Reporters Association


Name: Kevin E. Robinson
Title: HR Head
Name of Company: LGC News
Address: 2043 Jefferson Street Wausau, WI 54401
Mobile No.: (715) 604 4763

Name: Stella D. Flex
Title: HR Manager
Name of Company: ABC News
Address: 1147 David Street Wausau, WI 54401
Mobile No.: (715) 604 1697

The television news reporter resume mentioned above has been provided for your reference. Most candidates are confused about what exactly they need to mention in their resume. You can use this resume sample as guideline to draft your resume. Proofreading is another important step. You must always proofread your resume before you forward it to the appropriate person. It is essential that you keep your academic certificates and professional experience documents handy, when you are drafting your resume. It will help you to cover all the details that you wish to include in your resume.
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Aircraft Mechanic Resume

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Format
Aircraft Mechanic
Resume is an essential document that one needs to send to apply for any job opening. Candidates with several years of work experience must use chronological resume format. Your education and professional experience details must be listed in reverse chronological order. Since you are applying for the post of aircraft mechanic, you need license from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). You should mention details about your certification, license and association in your resume. By mentioning these details in your resume you get an edge over rest of the candidates. The sample aircraft mechanic resume that is provided below has been created considering essential details that should be included and highlighted in resume for aircraft mechanic.

Sample Aircraft Mechanic Resume

Contact Details:

Name: Bernard P. Aucoin
Address: 1196 Villa Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Home: (574) 584 2312
Mobile No.: (574) 584 5148

Professional Summary:

Licensed Aircraft Mechanic
Around eight years of work experience as Aircraft Mechanic with leading Airlines
Knowledge about repair and maintenance of aircraft
Ability to work in coordination with team of technicians and mechanics

Work Experience:

Title: Aircraft Mechanic
Name of Company: AGH Airlines
Tenure: August, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To inspect airplane engine, instruments, pumping system and brakes
  • Keep track of the aircraft maintenance work
  • Ensure that the aircraft maintenance and repair work is done as per schedule
  • Repair any malfunctioning and damaged aircraft parts
  • To test all parts after repair and check if they are working appropriately
  • Measure the tension of aircraft wings and estimate if there are any defects

Title: Assistant Aircraft Mechanic
Name of Company: SDG Airlines
Tenure: July, 2003 to August, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To repair damaged aircraft parts as per instruction provided by the supervisor
  • Troubleshoot the working of the aircraft to find out defects in the electric circuit
  • Inspect the aircraft console and find mechanical problems in it
  • Maintain a record of repair and maintenance work

  • Associates Degree in Aviation Maintenance from FAA certified XYZ Aviation Maintenance Technical School, 2003
  • High School Diploma, Excel high school, 1999


FAA certified Aircraft Mechanic


Member of (PAMA) Professional Aviation Maintenance Association


Name: Peter H. Dutch
Title: HR Head
Name of Company: AGH Airlines
Address: 220 Steel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Mobile No.: Home: (574) 584 1155

Name: Andrea D. Simpson
Title: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: SDG Airlines
Address: 1478 Apple Avenue, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Mobile No.: Home: (574) 584 9874

The aircraft mechanic resume example that is given above can be used as guideline. Make necessary amendments to this resume and use it to draft your customized resume. Once you have created your resume, you must proofread it to get rid of all the mistakes. Make sure that you update your resume every time you apply for a new job opening. Keep the formatting of your resume professional.
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Sketch Artist Resume

Sketch Artist
Most artists are self-employed. Those artists who wish to work for art gallery or any other firm need to send a resume to apply for job. Most candidates find it difficult to put their work experience details on paper. Before you draft your resume, make note of points that you would like to include in your resume. You should divide your resume into sections such as contact information, work experience, professional summary, education, certification, associations and references. The sample of sketch artist resume that we have provided below can be used as reference. You can use it as guideline to create your unique, customized resume for the post of Sketch Artist.

Sample Sketch Artist Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Kenneth L. Olea
Address: 4410 Lang Avenue, Cedar City, UT 84720
Home: (435) 868 2691
Mobile No.: (435) 806 1548

Professional Summary:

Six years of work experience as Sketch Artist
Proficiency in drawing in sketch as per description provided
Received 'Best Sketch Artist Award' for the year 2010 from American Sketch Artist Association

Work Experience:

Title: Sketch Artist
Name of Company: YTR Investigation Services
Tenure: January, 2008 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Worked along with the investigation team to draw the sketch of suspects
  • Drew court room sketch during various case hearings
  • Used special sketch pencil to draw sketch of the suspects
  • Gained proficiency in drawing sketch of the suspects as per the description provided by people
  • To keep the management updated about the progress of work

Title: Sketch Artist
Name of Company: ADC Art Gallery
Tenure: July, 2005 to January, 2008
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Draw sketch of the visitors on request
  • Make use of water color, color pencils and sketching pencil to create different sketches
  • Draw different sketches to be displayed in the art gallery
  • Participate in various art exhibitions and competitions
  • Attending meeting with the management to plan the monthly events at the art gallery


Master of Fine Arts, Williams College of Arts, 2005
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Williams College of Arts, 2003
High School Diploma, St. Peter High School, 2000


Member of American Sketch Artist Association


Certified Sketch Artist from DET Institute


Name: Dean M. Wilson
Designation: HR Manager
Name of Company: YTR Investigation Services
Address: 1145 Glee Avenue, Cedar City, UT 84720
Mobile No.: (435) 806 9457

Name: Daniel S. Smith
Designation: Administrative Head
Name of Company: ADC Art Gallery
Address: 147 Crystal Avenue, Cedar City, UT 84720
Mobile No.: (435) 806 1439

The sketch artist resume must focus on the candidate's work experience in the creative field. Highlight your roles and responsibilities in the previous jobs or various freelance projects you worked on. Make sure that you print your resume on good quality print paper. The formatting of your resume must be kept professional. You should proofread your resume and make sure that it is error free.
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Research Assistant Resume

Professors, scientists, attorneys, and entrepreneurs need support of research assistants to assist the progress of something they are trying to accomplish. This shows how important research assistants are for different types of industries. Further, this also makes it obvious about the duties and functions which vary according to the setting. For example, the responsibilities of a clinical research assistant will not match with the internet research assistant, and vice versa.  But the general or primary functions would be the same. If you are interested in research work and are a graduate, write a research assistant resume to apply.

As stated about the wide options of employment for research assistants, you have to find out where your qualification could fit. If you are a science graduate, you can try for a laboratory assistant position. For those holding a degree in management, they can try their luck in corporate industries. Whatever is the field, the research assistant resume should highlight your qualification that is suited for the job.

Apart from the principal duties of research assistants, each discipline requires a specialization. If you are applying in a university to assist professors and teachers in science research, then the research assistant resume should include skills such as researching, collecting, compiling, interpreting and analyzing. The resume should also show your report drafting and presentation skills. When stating the responsibilities you have managed, list it in a readable format using bullet points. This need is explained clearly in the resume writing tips.  To use a sample, you can copy this research assistant resume.

Sample Research Assistant Resume

Robert A. Walkowiak
1910 Oak Avenue
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (847) XXX-5729


Looking for a research assistant position in educational industry where my experience in researching and presenting facts could be used for the sake of education.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced and talented research assistant
  • Skilled in researching and collecting information
  • Knowledge of computers to draft reports, records and abstracts
  • Strong interpreting and analytical skills
  • Adept in handling clerical and administrative duties
  • Remarkable presentation and organizational skills
Work Experience

Research Assistant
Institute of Science and Development, Chicago, IL 2008 – Present
  • Assist professors in research projects
  • Compile, interpret and analyze research data
  • Read research documents and write abstracts
  • Make the laboratory ready for testing data
  • Edit research documents and submit it for approval
  • Prepare presentations using tables, charts, graphs and illustration
  • Conduct research and survey with help of questionnaires
  • Analyze the need of the project and determine the line of action for research
  • Follow up the research work till it is approved by the committee
  • Schedule and allocate the time to utilize the lab facility
  • Handle clerical and administrative work like filing, drafting, answering email, inquiries, making calls, passing on the messages, etc.
  • Work as a team and demonstrate the research result to the management
  • Maintain the stock of laboratory equipments, and prepare requisition form
  • Perform statistical and analysis of data using computers
  • Input material information in the computer by coding it appropriately

Research Assistant
City College of Science and Education, Chicago, IL 2007 – 2008
  • Assisted professors in academic research
  • Worked in the field for research and prepared summary report
  • Wrote articles for newsletter
  • Typed and passed messages to concerned people
  • Wrote bibliographies and official correspondences
  • Worked simultaneously on multiple projects
  • Participated in research activities and meetings with research team
  • Helped in planning and scheduling projects


Bachelor’s Degree in Science
University of New York, New York 2007


On request

This sample of assistant research resume will help you in drafting your resume for any industry your qualification is suitable for. You can freely copy and change the content to fit the duties you have handled. Just see that you are not duplicating it.
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Office Assistant Resume

Office assistant Resume Example
Office Assistant
Whenever you visit any office and see any person walking from one bay to another with papers and files in hand, most likely he/she may be the office assistant. These professionals are the ones who burn more calories than other office staffs since most part of their job is to pass papers from one place to another. These workers help in expediting the official work by providing administrative and clerical supports to the management. Though there are no set qualifications required to work in this position, you must at least have the skills to work with computers, and a professionally drafted office assistant resume.

To draft a professional office assistant resume, you must follow steps stated in the resume writing tips. Help can also be achieved by looking up for the resume formats and resume samples on the web. The idea here is to make your realize that you have only one opportunity in your hand to get the job, and it is your office assistant resume. The office assistant resume should be written by understanding the job responsibilities. This is essential because all offices have different set of duties and function for office assistants. If you have the knowledge at the time of applying about different set of competencies, you will surely create an impressive office assistant resume.

If you are still facing problems in writing your resume, then this office assistant resume sample would serve you perfectly because you can copy and edit it as you need.

Sample Office Assistant Resume

James K. Solis

3825 Logan Lane
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: (303) XXX-2589


I would like to work as an office assistant in any organization that values employees’ contribution in conducting routine administrative and clerical tasks.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Skilled in working with custom-made software
  • Knowledge of how to use office equipments such as fax and photocopy machines, scanners and telephones
  • Ability to speak clearly and fluently while answering phone calls from clients
  • Skilled in drafting emails, letters, memos and official activities
  • Apply diplomatic etiquette when solving customers’ problems
  • Comfortable to work with staff, supervisors and managers
  • Multi-tasking and job prioritizing abilities
  • Good knowledge of time-management and clerical tasks
  • Thorough knowledge of the internet, MS Office, database management and desktop publishing

Work Experience

Office Assistant

ABC Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Denver, CO
2008 – Present

  • Receive and answer clients’ phone calls and emails
  • Make phone calls to customers and transform it to the right person or cabin
  • Type and distribute messages in the company as per instructions
  • Greet clients and guests and direct them to the respective staff member
  • Receive and make courier
  • Sort incoming mails, letters and hand-deliver it to the concerned person
  • Fax, scan and photocopy official documents
  • Maintain and enter daily activities in the register
  • Keep track of petty office expenses
  • Negotiate with vendors for purchasing office stationery and equipments
  • Maintain filing and storing system for official documents
  • Update customer database by entering any changes in contact numbers and billing addresses
  • Retrieve and submit information to managers when requested
  • Draft memos and get it approved from the management before displaying it on the notice board
  • Make and coordinate official meetings
  • Provide support in organizing official events
  • Maintain and get the office equipment serviced from technicians

Office Assistant

XYZ Corporation, Denver, CO
2006 – 2008

  • Maintained office inventories and placed orders with vendors for supplies
  • Booked travel ticket and hotel accommodations for managers
  • Handled post office and bank work such as making speed post or drawing demand drafts
  • Took and delivered messages received to the appropriate person
  • Assisted the accounts department in processing payrolls
  • Ensured that lights, and air-conditioners are switched off before leaving the office


High School Diploma
National High School, Denver, CO


On request

Qualification is not a big concern when you are applying for an office assistant position. Experience is what it counts in fetching the job. So, use this office assistant resume sample to find the job.
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Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Resume Format
Administrative Assistant
In companies, ensuring daily operations are running smoothly and efficiently are a tedious task. For there are numbers of activities businesses have to perform and see it complete in meeting short as well as long-term goals. Because it is not practical for the higher official to manage the entire work, companies hire administrative assistants. Administrative assistants provide the support by doing all the important tasks that are essential to save the managers’ time and run the office efficiently. These professionals help the organizations by managing a wide range of activities. Job opportunities for administrative assistant are available almost in all types of industries. You just need some qualifications and a professional administrative assistant resume to find one.

When applying, the only common skills required for administrative assistant is your knowledge to work with computer. This working knowledge is essential because of the increasing use of computers. Today, it is impossible to find any office that is unaware of this electronic system. Hence, the administrative assistant resume should talk about your proficiency in computers. It should tell the hiring managers that you are capable of storing, recalling and consolidating official information electronically.

Administrative assistants are the source of information that bridges the gap between the managers and employees. They are the ones who plan and schedule official meetings and appointments, manage the business information both manually and electronically, and spread important instructions and managements’ decisions to the employees. This explains that the administrative assistant resume should include coordination and communication skills to impress the recruiters. If you are not sure how to sway the readers, look up for the resume writing tips online. This sample of an administrative assistant resume should explain in a clearer way.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Harold T. Garcia
1942 Lodgeville Road
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) XXX-4718


Managing the routine administrative tasks is the prime responsibility in order to work towards achieving projected goals. As an experience administrative assistant, I understand this principle thoroughly and would like to utilize it in serving the company by handling the entire administration responsibilities.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Highly organized and an efficient team member
  • Extra-ordinary communication and coordination skills
  • Effective professional incumbent and good understanding on how to interact for official purposes
  • Excellent problem-solving and computer skills
  • Ability to use all types of office equipments for faxing, photocopying, scanning, videoconferencing and making calls
  • Exceptional presentation and supervising skills
  • Ability to negotiate with vendors and represent the company with local and public authorities

Work Experience

Administrative Assistant
Blaze Incorporation, Minneapolis, MN 
2008 – Present
  • Manage regular administrative operations and provide support to managers and supervisors by handling their work that needs no supervision
  • Plan, and schedule business meetings and appointments for management
  • Maintain soft and hard copies of daily administrative records
  • Draft email, letters, memos and presentations as per management’s instructions
  • Arrange traveling tickets and hotel accommodations for vendors, clients and executives visiting or attending business conferences
  • Operate fax machine, scanners, projectors and photocopying machine
  • Negotiate with vendors and clients for purchasing or renting office equipments and discussing project’s terms
  • Make arrangements for presentation and video conference
  • Coordinate with all the departmental heads in communicating management’s decisions
  • Manage and take decisions at times of manager’s absence

Assistant Administrative Assistant
XYZ Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
2006 – 2008
  • Prepared and maintained official records
  • Arranged for clients and management meetings for business projects
  • Maintained inventories of office equipments and prepared requisition orders
  • Assisted the accounts department in organizing and maintaining audit documents
  • Coordinated with the head of the department in conducing induction programs
  • Managed official records of all employees and ensured they work in discipline


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Time Business Institute, Minneapolis, MN


On request

This sample of administrative resume will solve your problem in creating a result-yielding resume. Even if you are not applying at the moment, it will still help you in updating your resume.
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Assistant Director Resume

Sample of Assistant Director Resume
Assistant Director
Directors in any business organizations need assistants who can do other duties that are less complex. As the job they do is related to the management of the company, they require the same level of efficacy in person who will be serving them as their assistants. Directors usually plan, organize, and control the business operations of the company, or they would look after a specific department. Hence, assistant directors have to be familiar with the work their superiors are engaged in. As an assistant director, you will be responsible in handling and managing specific business activities. You should be able to take care of the company independently whenever directors are not in the office. If you have a management degree and few years of experience, write an assistant director resume to apply.

The assistant director resume should start with a strong career objective explaining the position you want to work in. The statement must also convey something that could help the employers in believing that you could be an asset to them.  As an incumbent, you will be assisting the director in the administrative tasks that include planning, disseminating information on behalf of the management to vendors, clients and employees, researching productive ways in enhancing the business activities, managing and allocating the business resources. The objective statement should include your abilities to perform all these activities briefly and in understandable language.

To understand how to make the career goal statement impressive, study and comprehend the resume writing tips browsing on the internet. Along with those tips, you need to look for a professional resume format. These are the best writing tools you can resort to while drafting your resume. For example, go through this assistant director resume sample given below.

Assistant Director Resume Sample

Ricky K. Maysonet
4080 Shady Pines Drive
Wise, VA 24293
Phone: (276) XXX-3645 



Looking for an assistant director position where I can help the company in handling and managing administrative operations with years of experience accumulated by working in the management category.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent management and monitoring skills
  • Adept in planning and directing the business operations independently or in director’s absence
  • Ability to express thoughts, and ideas clearly and effectively both oral and in writing
  • Knowledge of business operations and administrative duties
  • Excellent computer working skills
  • Effective interpersonal and coordination skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proficient in hiring and training managers

Work Experience

Assistant Director
Futuristic Engineering Inc., Wise, VA
2008 – Present

  • Assist and supervise the daily activities of the administrative department
  • Work in coordination with the managers, supervisor and department heads and try to achieve business goals
  • Review and evaluate financial reports of each department
  • Assist the account departments in preparing departmental budgets
  • Direct and supervise the activities of the staff engaged in collecting payments
  • Maintain and update all business documents by entering it in the computer with backups
  • Review and make necessary changes in the job advertisements by determining skills and abilities needed for that particular position
  • Conduct interviews and plan training schedules for managers
  • Plan and draft the budget project-wise
  • Ensure employees work in compliance with the company’s policies
  • Evaluate and prepare a performance appraisal report of the administrative staff
  • Plan and implement programs for motivating staff
  • Build and maintain strong business relationships with stakeholders, clients, and vendors


Assistant Director
International School of Business Studies, Wise, VA
2007 – 2008

  • Review the syllabus of the college and made necessary changes according to government regulations
  • Helped students in aiming higher trough counseling programs
  • Conversed with the teaching staff and implemented their suggestion in improving educational patterns
  • Planned and drafted enrollment polices for local and overseas students
  • Assisted in building fun and interactive educational programs
  • Disseminated the goodwill of the institute adhering to fair educational policies


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
University of New York, New York


On request

Assistant directors serve in a variety of industries. They are the pillars who support the business operations, and ensure that everything is going according to the plan both in the presence or absence of the directors. You can use this assistant director resume sample by modifying it adding and deleting matching with your actual skills and experiences.
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Admitting office manager resume

Sample Admitting Office Manager Resume
A resume is a detailed document displaying the complete details of a job-seeking individual. It is always written in a very strict and formal format and details like educational qualification, prior job experiences, merits, and honors are provided in order to have a positive impact on the company, which is recruiting or looking for new employees.

A resume is usually one to three pages, and focuses the reader's attention to a person's background that is directly related to a particular position. Resumes should contain keywords that potential employers are looking for. Using active verbs and displaying content in a flattering manner is another way of making a positive impact on the employer. Recent trends have extended the length of a resume and many companies are now seeking a more detailed and lengthier resume in order to separate a potentially good candidate from the rest of the herd.

Given below is a list of duties and responsibilities, which an Admitting Office Manager is expected to practice:
  • Manage the admission staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance
  • Strictly adhere to the company policies and make sure the staff follows them as well
  • Listen, solve any grievances or issues of the staff, and make sure they follow a healthy and professional conduct when in the company premises
  • Implement new rules as well as making the staff aware of any new rules and regulations that have been enforced by the company
  • Provide facilities and training to new recruits and make them aware of the various company policies
When preparing a resume for the post of an admitting office manager, the following points should be kept in mind:
  • First, make sure your resume has a very formal and professional outlook
  • Provide every pertinent detail of your educational qualifications, previous job experiences and make sure you explain them explicitly
  • Ensure you do not provide any irrelevant information as it deviates the employer from your resume
  • Do not forget to provide your contact details so that the employer can get back to you if they have any doubt
  • Always remember to be courteous
  • Never deviate from the format, which has been provided to you and being too boastful of your achievement should not be practiced as well
  • Give every detail of your achievements without any exaggeration whatsoever

Sample Admitting Office Manager Resume

Sharon S. Barrow
1176 Happy Hollow Road
Wilmington, NC 28412
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: 910-538-5700

Applying for position as an Admitting Office Manager in your esteemed company (company name)

I am a professionally trained Office Manager with prior work experiences as an Admitting Manager in two places namely Gotham Central Hospital and CBZ Telecom. Trained in medical office work with immense leadership qualities, a never end thirst for knowledge, and good communication skills as well.


Admitting Office Manager, 2007–09
Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA

In my stint there, my primary duties were admitting patients, managing the staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance. I was lauded for my efforts and was presented with the 'Devotion to Duty' award by the hospital many times.

Admitting Office Clerk, 2009–Current
CBZ Telecom, Ohio City, Ohio

My experience here has been very enriching and has provided me with a lot of knowledge and some technical expertise as well. I have been rewarded for my dedication towards the work here as well.


A.A., Info Management Institute, 2005
Abc Community College, Minnesota, USA

Accolades and Involvements

  • 'Devotion to Duty' by Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA
  • 100% Attendance record by CBZ Telecom
Other Personal Details
Date of Birth: 18 June 1990
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: American
Children: None
Driver's License: Yes, B category
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Market Analyst Resume

Market analyst
The success of a business is highly influenced by the conditions prevailing in the market. Whether it is a consumer, industrial or stock market, entrepreneurs have to look at the viable opportunities the market could generate. Before taking the plunge, the companies have to analyze the market conditions. For this, they have to consider few essential things. First, the location of the business is important. Second, what possible growth can the market generate in the least possible time? Third, who the competitors are, and what command they enjoy? To do this job, businesses need a market analyst. If you have a business administration or market research degree, pick any industry of your interest and write a market analyst resume.

In this position, you will have to help the company or your clients to make marketing decisions by analyzing their needs and the market conditions. As a market analyst, you need to have excellent evaluation and analyzing skills. You should be able to evaluate the particular features of the population, the existing competition, distribution network, price range, etc. Therefore, the market analyst resume should describe judging and assessing skills.

Further, the employers would also try to find your knowledge of market research, data analysis methods, and marketing procedures in the market analyst resume. They also want to see what types of market you have analyzed in your work history. Here is a sample of market analyst resume that includes necessary elements to quality for the job.

Sample Market Analyst Resume

Joshua R. Chilton
1018 Simpson Street
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: (309) XXX-3765


With immense marketing knowledge and experience and result-generating record, I would like to work as a market analyst and help the company in formulating marketing strategies based on the market needs.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Self-motivate and result-oriented professional
  • Experienced in researching and analyzing market trends and conditions
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Incredible organizational and presentation skills
  • Brilliant analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Well-versed with survey and marketing tools
  • Proficient in working with data analysis software
  • Ability to conduct research and generate a report in timely manner
  • Time-management and critical-thinking skills

Work Experience

Market Analyst
High-Tech Marketing Consultants, Macomb, IL 
2008 – Present
  • Research and analyze the market conditions and requirements
  • Converse with clients to understand their marketing needs and help them achieve it by designing strategies
  • Collect customers’ information and sort them according to their age, gender and income
  • Conduct survey by designing questionnaire and get it filled by personally visiting the market
  • Gather market data such as competition, sales, prices, wholesaler, retailers and distribution network to generate analytical reports
  • Compile and format information and design presentation using graphs, tables and charts for marketing director reference
  • Coordinate with marketing staff and managers to schedule market research program
  • Provide solutions to clients’ problem related to the market
  • Prepare effective marketing strategies according to the direction of marketing director

Asst. Market Analyst
ABC Motors Ltd., Macomb, IL
2006 – 2008
  • Researched a local, national and regional market to analyze the potential sales of products
  • Conducted primary and secondary research and analyzed customers’ preferences, and buying habits to help the company in meeting their demands
  • Used computer to feed, save and maintain customers and market data
  • Designed presentations based of market research by illustrating with help of computer graphics
  • Developed marketing plans and strategies to attract more customers
  • Analyzed collected data and prepared forecast reports about market trends
  • Attended management meetings and proposed changes and suggestions to improve market strategies
  • Identified and developed procedures for advertising needs


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
ABC Business School, Macomb, IL 2006


On request

Since the business depends on the market, the scope to work in this position is amazing.However, employers need something special in the market analyst resume that could convince them to offer you the job. Use this sample resume and the resume writing tips on the web to gain the recruiters’ confidence.

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