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The job prospects for the post of accountants are expected to grow faster than other occupations in the finance field. The promising job prospects assure that there would be job vacancies available, but to get the desired job in finance industry, you need to take extra efforts. The most important document you need to draft is a resume. You should appropriately mention your professional experience and education, so that the employer considers you for the job. Most candidates have required qualifications and work experience, but are unable to mention appropriately it in their resume. Hence, we have listed some points that you should remember when you are drafting your public accountant resume.

Tips for writing public accountant resume are as follows:

    Public Accountant Resume Example
  • Mention your specialization: Public accountants are assigned various duties like accounting, tax calculations, auditing, and conducting consultation activities for the clients etc. You should mention your specialization in accounting in your resume. If you concentrated on tax issues and provided advice on business decisions with respect to taxes, then you need to mention it in your resume. Certain accountants specialize in forensic accounting and are associated in investigation and interpretation of white collar crimes. To get the desired job profile, you need to highlight your specialization details.

  • Highlight Certification: Most candidates applying for accountant jobs have a degree in accounting or finance. Hence, to be different from the competition, laying emphasis on certification detail is important. Employers would prefer candidates with CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification for this job. Hence, it is important to stress on your certification details in your resume. You may even list other finance related certification in your resume sample.

  • Professional Experience in reverse chronological order: The employer is not interested in reading about part time jobs you did during your high school. They would be interested in knowing your recent job profile and your duties during your previous jobs. Hence, it is essential to mention your most recent professional experience detail at top. Even when you are listing your duties, you should mention only duties relevant to the current job you are applying for.

  • Professional formatting: You should always used professional font and keep the font size readable. There should be margin left on all sides. Use of bright colors should be avoided.

The public accountant resume must focus on the candidates accounting specialization, certifications, work experience and duties performed during precious jobs. You can follow the tips provided above to draft a customized resume that would help you grab the employer's attention and get shortlisted for next round of interview.


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