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A copywriter is a person who writes slogans and jingles for an advertisement campaign. They work in close coordination with art directors. They work creatively and are a part of the creative team. A copywriter’s resume should highlight 3 things - skills, qualifications and experience. They are the creative brain behind an advertisement. The punch lines of all famous advertisements are to the credit of a copywriter.

Copywriters have to work within stringent deadlines. They need to come up with effective slogans keeping in mind the time and space of the advertisement. These factors are of major importance because the budget of the campaign is pre-decided and one has to work keeping in mind these stringent factors.

Copywriters need to adapt various writing styles as per the demands of the advertisement. They need to first discuss the client requirements from account executives. After working on the concept, the idea is further submitted to the creative director and only after careful considerations the project is finally presented to the client.

Copywriters need to be up-to-date with the current trends and culture. These factors would form the major highlight of a copywriter resume. The resume should effectively begin with an objective. An effective punch line is what we are looking for to begin the resume. This would not only give a flying start to the resume but also help the employer know the writers potential.

Since the copywriter’s forte is writing, the resume should be drafted impressively. Skills, qualifications and previous work experiences should be chronologically listed. It would also be a good practice to mention past achievements or the success of previous advertisement campaigns.

The required education for a copywriter would be a degree in English or advertisement and marketing. Apart from this candidates need to be very creative with good writing skills. It is said that a good resume is almost like winning half the battle and this basically applies in the case of a copywriter.

A copywriter can show his/her writing skills with the help of an effective resume. Proper care needs to be taken to make sure that the language and format is at par with the current trends. One should also note that there should be no errors in the resume and drafted professionally.

Like all other resumes a copywriter resume should end with the areas of interest and references. Effective write-ups, articles or jingles can also form an attachment to the resume. These attachments prove very effective from the employers point of view to shortlist the right candidate for a profile which is in grave demand for the most skilled and talented writers.
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Accounting Clerks Supervisor Resume Sample

An accounting clerks supervisor resume should be a well-written resume sent with a cover letter to the employers when applying for the post of an accounting clerks' supervisor post. For this, you need to write a professional resume. Here we have some professional resume writing tips for you and one type of sample resume that you can refer to for creating your own resume.

Ten extremely useful resume writing tips:
  1. Choose an attractive layout. Use bold and italic fonts to highlight any key points. Get creative but not crazy.
  2. Write a proper cover letter for the specific position to which you apply. Do not ever send a resume without a cover letter. That is basic business protocol. Personalize each cover letter directly in relation to the position you are applying. If possible, address the letter directly to a person or use the designation of the receiver.
  3. Justify instead of left align. Most people are accustomed to reading justified text. This will make your resume reader-friendly.
  4. Stick to punctuation and capitalization rules. Use a reference book, if you are not aware of standard punctuation, grammar, and capitalization rules.
  5. Choose a common font. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and Verdana are some of the best fonts for a resume. Do not use any cute graphics if you want to be taken seriously. It is NOT appropriate for business correspondence.
  6. Do not use the word "I" in your resume, especially while writing Achievements. Start every sentence with a powerful verb. For example,
  7. Organized annual student conference' instead of using ' I was an organizer of the annual student conference.'
  8. Mention only the passing year of your degree.
  9. Deactivate the e-mail links as well as the Web addresses in your resume and cover letter. 
  10. Print your accounting clerk supervisor resume and read it word-to-word. You can use the grammar and spell check function, but do not rely entirely on it.
  11. Try to be consistent. For example, do not list one date as 2005/1/21 and then list another date as 9/22/2005.

Accounting Clerks' Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Contact Number:
Birth date:

Career Objective

Seeking the job of an accounting clerks supervisor to use the knowledge and the experience I have, in order to be a professional asset for your company. In time, I would also like to advance in my career and to take on even more responsibilities if possible.

Core Skills
  • Accounting proficiency
  • Analytical thinking
  • Patient
  • Management skills

Work Experience

Account Clerk, ABC Accountants Ltd, 20XX-20XX

Duties and responsibilities:
  • Accounting for different companies
  • Using accounting and billing software when needed
  • Creating as well as maintaining  records
  • Feeding the information into the computer
  • Supervising others

  • Master's Degree in Accounting 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Areas of Interest
  • Audit
  • Stock Market

General Director 
ABC Accountants Ltd.
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Account Collector Resume Sample

An account collector resume is written when applying for an accounts collector post. Account collectors are responsible for searching, analyzing, and notifying customers of felonious accounts by telephonic conversation or personal visit to request payment.

Other duties include receiving and recording payments from customer and adding the amount to the customer's account; sending statements to the department if the customer is not responding; developing recovery activities or disconnection of services for customers with delinquent accounts and taking other such actions.

As this is an important position and since the accounting industry is one of the corporate industries practicing proper business codes, you must compose your account collector resume in the most professional manner.

A resume is the most significant document when you are applying for a job. In the present day, having good communication skills is a prerequisite needed by more or less every profession. Thus, it is vital that your resume should be impressive, neat, to the point, and successful at selling you to the employers. Proofread after finishing for any errors or incorrect words/ phrases. Make a third person proofread it as well. Use action and powerful words. Avoid usage of passive voice while writing your resume and cover letter.

Use bullet points instead of using long windy paragraphs. When you are listing work experiences or educational qualifications, do mention the most relevant and recent information first and older information later. Similarly, mention the best and most impressive information first. Avoid use of slang or jargon. Do not use cliches and do not write that references will be made available upon request. Remember while writing a resume, use the strategy "to sell it, not to tell it".

There are a number of ways for writing a resume. A resume type is to be selected according to the kind of experience and educational background you have. They can be chronological, functional or hybrid resumes. To give you a brief insight into the resume writing of an account collector, we have a resume template for you. You can study this sample and form your own resume, personalized and professional.

Contact Information
Name: Jacob Baker 
Address: 83 Summit Street, Ross Avenue, Memphis, TN
Marital Status: Single 
Birth date: 01.04.1979 


Looking for a challenging and satisfying position as an Account Collector in a reputed company where I can utilize my strong negotiations skills, suitable educational background and my vast work experience in accounting in order to fulfill the company's goals as well as mine.

About me

A dynamic Account Collector with expertise in the field of credit, collection, research, and investigation, having the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and can respect strict deadlines.

Skills and qualifications
  • Excellent Analytical and problem solving skills 
  • Audit and bookkeeping abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Work Experience
Account Collector, BNG Group, Austin, TX, 2006– present 

Duties and responsibilities:
  • Received payments and updated customer's account
  • Documented information about the financial status of customers
  • Sorted correspondence and performed clerical duties like answered correspondence or preparing reports
  • Located customers of unlawful accounts
  • Used various computer software to locate overdue accounts
  • Provided guidance to customers about the actions of debt repayment

  • Associate's Degree in Accounting, Halyards' College, Memphis
  • Achievements and associations 
  • Member of the American Accounting Association since 2007

Areas of interest
  • Games and Sports
  • Stock Market


Chris Humphrey (582 438 3524), BNG Group.
Hope this article was helpful to you. Now you can write a professional resume yourself and go fetch that dream interview.
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