Ferry Pilot Resume

Individuals purchase aircraft for their business and personal use. They even take flight training in some reputed school to pursue their dream of becoming a pilot. And some prefer to get trained in their own personal private jet.  However, to move the aircraft, they need someone to transport it from where they purchase it to their private parking place. For this purpose, they hire a ferry pilot. Ferry pilot provides the transportation services. They are trained and licensed to fly the aircraft. Jobs are available with the air charter services, and aircraft manufacturing companies, but a ferry pilot resume is needed first.

The ferry pilot resume should highlight your flight experience. Just mentioning the designation or title hold will not earn you an interview. Provide your work experience information in a listing format using bullets for each responsibility shouldered. For all types of pilot job, it is necessary to quantify your experience in terms of the number of hours you have flown the aircraft. The duties and achievements are important to make the employers understand what work you have performed. 

The ferry pilot resume must include the qualification and training that have made you possible in pursing the pilot career. Highlight anything that is needed in standing parallel with the job requirements. To do this, read the resume writing tips. You can also get some guidance from the ferry pilot resume sample provided below.

Ferry Pilot Resume Sample

Joshua M. Denis
961 Ashford Drive
Alexandria, VA 22301
Phone: (703) XXX-7895 
Email: jmdenis@xyz.com


To work as a ferry pilot in an aircraft manufacturing company where I can work towards providing quality customer service sticking to the policies and procedures laid down by the management. 

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced ferry pilot with flight experience over 1000 hours
  • Understanding of the aviation rules and procedures
  • Ability to fly all types of aircraft
  • Knowledge of the safety regulations involved in flying aircraft
  • Remarkable communication and time-management skills
  • Excellent interpreting and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to work beyond duty hours
  • Skilled in reading weather reports

Work Experience

Ferry Pilot
Tenet Airline Company, Alexandria, VA 
2007 – Present
  • Inspect the aircraft engines and other components to ensure safety
  • Understand the route and destination where the aircraft is to be delivered
  • Request the owner to inspect the aircraft to seek acceptance approval
  • Comply with the direction given by the management while delivering the aircraft
  • Coordinate with the air-traffic control before and during the flight
  • Compile weather information from the meteorology department to schedule the flight 
  • If necessary, provide flying instruction to the owner of the aircraft
  • Provide cargo transportation facilities to customers as per instruction
  • Work with the maintenance team to update aircraft knowledge

Education & Training

High School Diploma
All Saints High School, Alexandria, VA

Commercial Pilot Certificate
A1 Flying Academy, New York

On request

The airline industries offer means to follow your passion or dream, and earn a living as well. The training and experience are crucial while seeking a pilot job. If becoming a pilot is your passion, modify this ferry pilot resume sample to follow it. 
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Airlines Resume Writing Tips

The job opportunities in the Airline Industry are expected to see a steady growth. Even though you are expecting more job opportunities, the number of candidates applying for these jobs is also going to grow drastically. As jobs in this industry are well-paid, you are expected to face tough competition from professional with relevant work experience and academic background. To prove your worth for the job, you need a well-planned, smartly-written, customized resume. Your resume is the document that the employer will use to judge your suitability for the job. The airlines resume must draw attention to the applicant's skills, professional expertise, academic highlights, and achievements.

Important sections you should include in your airlines resume are as follows:

Job Objectives: This section should contain only two to three sentences. Be precise and mention about the job you wish to apply for and explain your suitability for the job. Entry-level candidates should include this section in their resume. By reading this section the recruiter would be able to understand the job profile you are applying for. If the company is recruiting for several job posts, then the recruiter would not get confused about the job post you have applied for.

Work Experience: It is essential to organize your work experience details in appropriate resume format. This section should be readable, especially the roles and responsibilities you list under this section. There are several jobs in the airline industry. Therefore, you should list only those roles and responsibilities that are relevant to the job. Those applying for customer service jobs in this industry need to focus on customer service and interpersonal skills, while those applying for technical jobs need to focus on their technical work and duties.

Education: To apply for the post of pilot, technicians, air traffic controller etc. you need relevant education background. Hence, you need to mention these details clearly in your resume. You can mention your academic details in reverse chronological order. It will help to improve readability of your resume. The most recent and relevant educational qualification must be mentioned at the top, followed by rest of the qualifications.

Certification: Candidates with two to three years of work experience can appear for several certifications exams that improve their career prospects. Hence, if you have cleared any such certification exam, you should mention it in a separate section, so that the employer easily reads it.

Association: Membership of any professional association would be considered as an added advantage by many employers. Hence, you need to make sure that you include such details in your resume.

References: At the end of the resume, you should mention reference of employees from your previous organization. You can mention to 2 to 4 references in your resume. Make sure that you limit the length of your resume to 1 to 2 pages.

The airlines resume should lay emphasis on the applicant's certification, professional experience, education, association, and job objective. Make sure that you proofread your resume before you send it to the recruiter.
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Internal Auditor Resume

Auditors are responsible for verifying and analyzing financial information. The auditors primarily work in four sectors such as public, government, management and internal auditing. The employers prefer selecting candidates with certification in finance. Hence, young graduates looking forward to making a great career in accounting should complete CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) certification. During the recruitment process, resume is the most important document and you should take efforts to draft an effective resume. The internal auditor resume must focus on the candidates previous relevant work experience, finance certifications, association membership and academic background. Before you actually draft your resume, you should have a rough sketch of format of the resume and important points that you wish to include in it. You can have a sample resume to update it for you.

The internal auditors are responsible for developing new procedures to handle financial management, fraud evaluation, reviewing internal financial transactions, and evaluating company's corporate policy compliance. It is essential that the details you mention in the roles and responsibilities section of your resume covers all the duties of internal auditor provided above. In finance companies various specialized software are used to maintain financial transaction details. Hence, you should mention your proficiency to use these softwares. Mention the list of softwares you can use and your proficiency to use them and the work you do with the help of these softwares such as auditing, generating reports and evaluations.

As you are applying for the post of accountant, you are expected to have bachelors degree in accounting or business administration degree (specialization – accounting). The most recent and relevant education details must be mentioned at top. The professional experience and education details must be written in backward order i.e. most recent details at top followed by rest. In the skills section of your resume you should mention your analytical skills, zest for mathematics, interpersonal skills, interpretation of financial details, computer proficiency, and professional etiquettes.

The internal auditor resume should focus on the candidates experience in finance field. It is important for you to make the recruiters understand that you are the right candidate for the job. According to a recent survey, it was found that the recruiters just glance through a resume within few seconds. Thus, you need to make your resume readable and highlight important points appropriately, so that the recruiter easy reads them. Instead of writing long paragraphs, you can use bullet points to list important details in your resume. Once you have created your resume, proof read it several times to make it error-free.
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Advertising Resume

Being from an advertising field, you should not have any difficulties while writing advertising resumes. After all, a resume is to advertise your skills and abilities to get employers attentions. The skills that you apply while advertising a product or service, should be utilized in designing the advertising resumes.

You must relate your advertising skills with writing the advertising resumes. The employers select those applicants who have advertised their skills in a convincing and pleasing manner. The resume should persuade the hiring managers in believing that you are the kind of person they want for the job.

Lots of presentations skills are required when advertising a brand. The advertising resumes will show the employers how perfect you are for the job by looking at the layout of the resumes. The presentation of advertising resumes is important and necessary in illustrating your personality in front of the potential employers.

The importance of presentation in advertising resumes will have no relevance with whatever stage of career you are standing on. It should be treated with equal dignity even if you are seeking an entry-level position in the advertising field. There are numerous career opportunities in the advertising industry. Few of the most recognized professions pertaining to this industry are: Graphic designing, Sales and Marketing, Media Consultant, Public Relation Officer, Accountant, Art Director, and Production Manager.

No matter what profession you have opted for, all will depend how you have impressed the hiring people with your presentation. Here are few tips you should follow while creating advertising resumes sample. These tips are applicable for all types of advertising jobs.
  • Make the advertising resumes suitable for the position you are trained and have worked in. Start with a bang by writing a meaningful career objective. It should be relating with your skills and abilities for the job, and how you want to bring positive changes for the benefits of the company.
  • When applying for the job, highlight the terms that are frequently used in the advertising industry. Try to include those words in the advertising resumes that you used when searching the job on any of the job portals, because the employers would be typing those exact words when they are in need of candidates.
  • Advertising is all about attracting attention of the people towards a product or service. You must apply the same tricks in creating the advertising resumes. Use and highlight headers that are effective. If you are into designing or illustrating, then an attractive logo that can be placed on top of your personal information can also help in selling you.
  • Make your experience, education and achievements stand out. Apply all advertising tricks that can work in fetching the job. You have to praise your product and services when you are advertising it. Your skills are the product and service is the experience. If you have a capacity to brand your skills, use it. The aim here is to get noticed.
Hope, these tips will help you in drafting advertising resumes. Just be focused when writing your resume. It will help you in advertising your skills that will crop immediate attention from employers.
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Controller Resume Sample

The Controller is someone who handles the accounting functions of a company like coordinating, planning, and reporting the financial activities.

The financial controller or comptroller is a senior accounting position. The resume for such a person must be well structured and free of any possible mistakes. If you are applying for a controller general or controller to any firm/ organization, you already are valued in the financial circles. To keep up with your high profile image, your controller resume must be also a top-class resume. For this, you can use many controller resume examples on the internet, and in this article, we are giving you the best controller resume writing tips ever for writing great resumes for controllers. Make sure you proofread your resume a few times after you finish it.

Sample Controller Resume

Personal Details: Write your personal details in this column. For example:

Bryan Evans
23 Getty Street,
Plainfield Avenue, Alma, MI
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 14.03.1978

Objective: Write a one-line career objective that lets the employer know what exactly you are ready to offer and what you are looking for. For example:

I look for a rewarding and challenging position as a Controller in a reputed company where I can use my skills and my vast experience in the Business industry.

About Me: This is an optional section where you can describe in a single line about yourself as a professional. For example:

Talented, motivated, with good organizational and communication skills, along with the ability to prioritize a wide range of important responsibilities

Skills and Qualifications: Mention your special skills and qualities. Do not lie in this section. An example of possible skills you can mention:
  • Powerful organizational and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to motivate a team
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Knowledge of accounting principles and of payroll procedures
Computer Knowledge: These days it is essential to add a technical skills or computer education section. You can add some accounting related software, if you have their knowledge:

Proficiency in using MS Office (Excel, Power Point, Word); accounting packages (MAS90, QuickBooks, Great Plains); ADP and Paychex payroll systems.

Career History: Career history or work experience is one of the most important sections in a resume. An example is given here:

Financial Controller, Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Washington, DC, 2006-present

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervised the accounting functions like accounts payable and payroll
  • Ensured the company's compliance with accounting policies
  • Realized the company's financial analysis and modeling
Assistant Controller, Williams Technologies Inc., New York, NY- 2001-2006
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervised the preparation and the presentation of the financial internal and external data
  • Researched and reported business investments and acquisitions
  • Prepared financial reports to predict economic and financial standing
  • Prepared the cash flow projections and reviewed the investment activity of the company
  • Prepared accurate monthly financial reports
Education: A short description of your educational qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Stanford University, New York
Certified Public Accountant since 2000

Affiliations: Also titled' Achievements', this section will have any such accomplishments, memberships, or awards that will show you in a good light.

Member of MBA Association since 2005

Areas of Interest: Write about your areas of interests/hobbies:
  • Philately
  • Numismatics
References: State any important references that you might have.

References available upon request

Hope this controller resume sample was helpful to you. Now you can form your own top-notch controller resume based on this sample.
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