Airlines Resume Writing Tips

The job opportunities in the Airline Industry are expected to see a steady growth. Even though you are expecting more job opportunities, the number of candidates applying for these jobs is also going to grow drastically. As jobs in this industry are well-paid, you are expected to face tough competition from professional with relevant work experience and academic background. To prove your worth for the job, you need a well-planned, smartly-written, customized resume. Your resume is the document that the employer will use to judge your suitability for the job. The airlines resume must draw attention to the applicant's skills, professional expertise, academic highlights, and achievements.

Important sections you should include in your airlines resume are as follows:

Job Objectives: This section should contain only two to three sentences. Be precise and mention about the job you wish to apply for and explain your suitability for the job. Entry-level candidates should include this section in their resume. By reading this section the recruiter would be able to understand the job profile you are applying for. If the company is recruiting for several job posts, then the recruiter would not get confused about the job post you have applied for.

Work Experience: It is essential to organize your work experience details in appropriate resume format. This section should be readable, especially the roles and responsibilities you list under this section. There are several jobs in the airline industry. Therefore, you should list only those roles and responsibilities that are relevant to the job. Those applying for customer service jobs in this industry need to focus on customer service and interpersonal skills, while those applying for technical jobs need to focus on their technical work and duties.

Education: To apply for the post of pilot, technicians, air traffic controller etc. you need relevant education background. Hence, you need to mention these details clearly in your resume. You can mention your academic details in reverse chronological order. It will help to improve readability of your resume. The most recent and relevant educational qualification must be mentioned at the top, followed by rest of the qualifications.

Certification: Candidates with two to three years of work experience can appear for several certifications exams that improve their career prospects. Hence, if you have cleared any such certification exam, you should mention it in a separate section, so that the employer easily reads it.

Association: Membership of any professional association would be considered as an added advantage by many employers. Hence, you need to make sure that you include such details in your resume.

References: At the end of the resume, you should mention reference of employees from your previous organization. You can mention to 2 to 4 references in your resume. Make sure that you limit the length of your resume to 1 to 2 pages.

The airlines resume should lay emphasis on the applicant's certification, professional experience, education, association, and job objective. Make sure that you proofread your resume before you send it to the recruiter.
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