Internal Auditor Resume

Auditors are responsible for verifying and analyzing financial information. The auditors primarily work in four sectors such as public, government, management and internal auditing. The employers prefer selecting candidates with certification in finance. Hence, young graduates looking forward to making a great career in accounting should complete CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) certification. During the recruitment process, resume is the most important document and you should take efforts to draft an effective resume. The internal auditor resume must focus on the candidates previous relevant work experience, finance certifications, association membership and academic background. Before you actually draft your resume, you should have a rough sketch of format of the resume and important points that you wish to include in it. You can have a sample resume to update it for you.

The internal auditors are responsible for developing new procedures to handle financial management, fraud evaluation, reviewing internal financial transactions, and evaluating company's corporate policy compliance. It is essential that the details you mention in the roles and responsibilities section of your resume covers all the duties of internal auditor provided above. In finance companies various specialized software are used to maintain financial transaction details. Hence, you should mention your proficiency to use these softwares. Mention the list of softwares you can use and your proficiency to use them and the work you do with the help of these softwares such as auditing, generating reports and evaluations.

As you are applying for the post of accountant, you are expected to have bachelors degree in accounting or business administration degree (specialization – accounting). The most recent and relevant education details must be mentioned at top. The professional experience and education details must be written in backward order i.e. most recent details at top followed by rest. In the skills section of your resume you should mention your analytical skills, zest for mathematics, interpersonal skills, interpretation of financial details, computer proficiency, and professional etiquettes.

The internal auditor resume should focus on the candidates experience in finance field. It is important for you to make the recruiters understand that you are the right candidate for the job. According to a recent survey, it was found that the recruiters just glance through a resume within few seconds. Thus, you need to make your resume readable and highlight important points appropriately, so that the recruiter easy reads them. Instead of writing long paragraphs, you can use bullet points to list important details in your resume. Once you have created your resume, proof read it several times to make it error-free.
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