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Individuals purchase aircraft for their business and personal use. They even take flight training in some reputed school to pursue their dream of becoming a pilot. And some prefer to get trained in their own personal private jet.  However, to move the aircraft, they need someone to transport it from where they purchase it to their private parking place. For this purpose, they hire a ferry pilot. Ferry pilot provides the transportation services. They are trained and licensed to fly the aircraft. Jobs are available with the air charter services, and aircraft manufacturing companies, but a ferry pilot resume is needed first.

The ferry pilot resume should highlight your flight experience. Just mentioning the designation or title hold will not earn you an interview. Provide your work experience information in a listing format using bullets for each responsibility shouldered. For all types of pilot job, it is necessary to quantify your experience in terms of the number of hours you have flown the aircraft. The duties and achievements are important to make the employers understand what work you have performed. 

The ferry pilot resume must include the qualification and training that have made you possible in pursing the pilot career. Highlight anything that is needed in standing parallel with the job requirements. To do this, read the resume writing tips. You can also get some guidance from the ferry pilot resume sample provided below.

Ferry Pilot Resume Sample

Joshua M. Denis
961 Ashford Drive
Alexandria, VA 22301
Phone: (703) XXX-7895 
Email: jmdenis@xyz.com


To work as a ferry pilot in an aircraft manufacturing company where I can work towards providing quality customer service sticking to the policies and procedures laid down by the management. 

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced ferry pilot with flight experience over 1000 hours
  • Understanding of the aviation rules and procedures
  • Ability to fly all types of aircraft
  • Knowledge of the safety regulations involved in flying aircraft
  • Remarkable communication and time-management skills
  • Excellent interpreting and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to work beyond duty hours
  • Skilled in reading weather reports

Work Experience

Ferry Pilot
Tenet Airline Company, Alexandria, VA 
2007 – Present
  • Inspect the aircraft engines and other components to ensure safety
  • Understand the route and destination where the aircraft is to be delivered
  • Request the owner to inspect the aircraft to seek acceptance approval
  • Comply with the direction given by the management while delivering the aircraft
  • Coordinate with the air-traffic control before and during the flight
  • Compile weather information from the meteorology department to schedule the flight 
  • If necessary, provide flying instruction to the owner of the aircraft
  • Provide cargo transportation facilities to customers as per instruction
  • Work with the maintenance team to update aircraft knowledge

Education & Training

High School Diploma
All Saints High School, Alexandria, VA

Commercial Pilot Certificate
A1 Flying Academy, New York

On request

The airline industries offer means to follow your passion or dream, and earn a living as well. The training and experience are crucial while seeking a pilot job. If becoming a pilot is your passion, modify this ferry pilot resume sample to follow it. 
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