Weight Reduction Specialist Resume

Weight Reduction Specialist Resume
Human body is a house to many diseases. Lots of complications can be inflicted on the body if you do not follow a strict regime in staying fit and healthy. For example, if you do not exercise and watch for the food you are consuming, you are bound to increase your weight, which will invite lots of problems without your knowledge. It is, therefore, necessary to follow a diet and weight reduction program to help the body stay in proportion with weight. Here, the expertise and advice of weight reduction specialists are needed. If you are a fitness freak, and wants to make a career with your hobby, prepare a weight reduction specialist resume.

Weight reduction specialist resume is needed to apply for the job in hospitals, spas, and weight loss centers.  You can also be self-employed once you have added the ‘specialist’ tag with your name. If you are trying for a job, then your resume should show the weight control and nutrition training you have achieved. Before starting with your resume, there are few things you should consider that are mentioned in the resume writing tips.

Start your weight reduction specialist resume with information that can show how you can be reached by the employers. The details should have your name, address and contact numbers. A career objective is also needed to show the employers the position you are applying for, and how best you can prove beneficial. Further, the resume should list your qualifications that summarize your skills and abilities. With this summary, the employers should know the professional experience you possess. Thereafter, describe your work history employers could relate to the applied position. Let the readers know how you have planned and managed to help clients reduce their weight.

Sample Weight Reduction Specialist Resume

Ronald B. Adams
3391 Meadowview Drive
Floyd, VA 24091
Phone: (540) XXX-2578
Email: rbadams@xyz.com


With knowledge on how the human body reacts to certain food habits, I would like to seek a weight reduction specialist position where I can help clients to reduce weight in coordination with body mass index.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Five years of experience in controlling and reducing weight
  • Complete knowledge of nutritional and metabolism
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Skilled in planning weight and dietary programs
  • Ability to monitor clients’ weight and change regime as needed
  • Remarkable attitude to motivate and guide clients’ in staying healthy

Work Experience

Weight Reduction Specialist
Exotic Spa and Health Center, Floyd, VA
2009 – Present
  • Interview clients to understand their daily activities and food habits
  • Seek medical certificates in order to ensure safety both for the clients and center
  • Develop weight reduction and dietary programs for clients
  • Ensure clients are following the entire programs thoroughly
  • Monitor weight daily considering the physical attributes, and make changes in routine as needed
  • Motivate clients to control their urge for certain food intakes that are harmful to the body
  • Explain and assist clients the importance of food with low calorie and high nutrition
  • Maintain records such as attendance, weight, height, profession, and other medical ailments
  • Counsel clients and help them in achieving goals
  • Record the progress and effect of programs on regular intervals
  • Provide a timetable and weight reduction equipments to clients

Weight Reduction Assistant
Fitness Mantra, Floyd, VA
2007 – 2009
  • Assisted in planning and implementing weight reduction programs
  • Maintained clients’ records such as medical restrictions, eating habits, physical attributes, etc.
  • Conversed with clients to know their eating habits and motivated them in staying away from high-calorie foods
  • Answered clients questions relating to weight loss
  • Assisted in conducting conditioning therapy sessions


Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Nutrition
New York University, New York

On request

Reducing weight is the major concern people are experiencing due to their sedentary lifestyles. If you can contribute your knowledge and experience in guiding them on staying fit and healthy, this weight reduction specialist resume will empower you in guiding your clients on weight loss.
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Toy Sales Clerk Resume

Toy is the best friend and companion of kids. They can play for a longer time, and keep you free to complete the house-hold work. To bring happiness on your child's face, you have to visit the store that sells articles the kid can play with.  When stepping into the store, the first person you meet is the toy sales clerk. He/she helps you in buying the right toy suitable to your kids' age. The job of a toy sales clerk offers immense pleasure and satisfaction since it helps those innocent souls that are way away from the life's realities. If you are thinking of a sales clerical job, nothing will satisfy you than catering to the children's needs. Draft a toy sales clerk resume and mail it to the toy stores.

Convincing power is the top priority when you are applying for a toy sales clerk position.  Though you will be selling toy for kids, you still have to communicate with the parents to understand their needs. You should have the capacity to sell the products with ease. Excellent demonstration of product knowledge and understanding about which toy will suit what age is essential to pursue this career. Communication skills are also necessary to interact with customers and explain them about the toy's features and ranges. Therefore, the toy sales clerk resume should include skills such as convincing power, complete knowledge to understand customers' needs, and communication. 

Include mathematical skills in the toy sales clerk resume, because you will be preparing invoices and collecting money from the customers. Further, you will have to enter the payment details in the cash register, or in the system. In addition, you will be keeping stock of inventories and preparing purchase orders for articles that are fast moving or less in quantity. 

To make the toy sales clerk resume impressive, download standard resume format, and writing tips. Go through the tips, and use the format as a guide. Read the sample resume given below, and try to pick keywords to add in your resume.

Toy Sales Clerk Sample Resume

Michael J. Nordman
2323 West Virginia Avenue
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) XXX-3698
Email: mjnordman@xyz.com


Looking for a toy sales clerk position in a reputed retail store, where my knowledge and experience of sales and clerical job will exceed the assigned target and add to the revenue of the store.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced sales clerical individual
  • Enjoys interacting with customers from all walks of life
  • Brilliant communication and relations building skills
  • Knowledge about what makes kids happy
  • Proficient in computer and accounting work
  • Patient attitude and cool temperament person
  • Familiar with product ranges and prices
  • Skilled in solving product-related problems 
  • Excellent sales track record, and customer service skills

Work Experience

Toy Sales Clerk
Kids Amusement Store, Albany, NY
2007 – Present
  • Greet customers and attend them with respect
  • Listen and answer product-related questions patiently and succinctly
  • Show the facilities and product ranges available in the store
  • Offer them right toy or articles learning their kids' age
  • Demonstrate and operate the toy to show its functions and features
  • Provide product manuals to customers to learn its usability
  • Prepare bills and accept payments in cash and credit cards
  • Post payment entries in the system
  • Take stock and prepare purchase orders for goods running out
  • Invite quotations from distributors, and negotiate price to grab a better deal
  • Assign and supervise activities of sales staff
  • Performed bookkeeping and posted entries for petty expenses
  • Ensure the store is clean and tidy
  • Operate phone, fax and photocopying machine for clerical purpose


High School Diploma
Rotary High School, Albany, NY

On request

This toy sales clerk resume sample has included duties most owners of retail stores would expect the candidate to perform. If you have additional job-related experience, add it as well to create your professional image.
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Craft Artist Resume

When talent and passion are blended together, magic is certain to happen. This statement holds true when we see the creations of the craft artists. These artists are talented, and they apply their skills in producing furniture, jewelry  and various artifacts. If you are a craft artist, and want to promote your skills, prepare a craft artist resume. 

The craft artist resume should demonstrate your skills in creating or producing hand-made objects. Explain what type of craft work you have produced for your previous employers. The main idea of writing the craft artist resume is to show the employers how your skills will help them grow. 

If you have done any specialization course such as ceramic painting, highlight it in the craft artist resume. The employers may plan and utilize it in the future if they foresee any growth in it. To understand how to highlight your skills, read  examples of resumes uploaded on the web, or refer this craft artist resume sample to pen down your resume.

Craft Artist Resume Sample

Bret R. Clark
4894 Deans Lane
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Phone: (914) XXX-8596 
Email: brclark@xyz.com


To work as a craft artist and produce new and innovative hand-made objects, which could be utilized for variety of purposes, and sold in exhibitions.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent hand-made craft skills 
  • Knowledge of hand tools and machines used in creating craft work
  • Profound understanding about the craft work process and materials used 
  • Ability to create work according to clients’ taste and budget
  • Good eye for details and knowledge of colour schemes
  • Proficient in working with latest designing software application 

Work Experience

Craft Artist
Flying Angel Art Gallery, Tuckahoe, NY 
2008 – Present
  • Create need-based and show objects using array of materials 
  • Apply creativity in planning and creating craft work
  • Plan and develop imaginative ideas and concepts for craft objects
  • Analyze the size, dimension and finished work of the objects
  • Sketch, outline and draw the artwork on the computer to see how it would look 
  • Design and create a mock-up object before starting the project work
  • Create artificial templates and patterns for craft production reference
  • Use hand and power tools for cutting, molding, fitting, joining and shaping materials
  • Select the materials according to its strength, size, colour, weight, and texture when creating used-base objects
  • Perform touch-ups and finishing work on the crafted objects
  • Study the customers’ needs to implement it in design work and to market the product
  • Design the packaging materials and pricing policies
  • Coordinate with the marketing team in creating advertisements for sale and exhibition
  • Participate and market the product in craft shows
  • Receive and work on customers’ feedback for further improvements


Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts
ABC Community College, Tuckahoe, NY 

On request

Artist’s ability lies in creating something unique. However, this is possible by developing your skills through continuous practicing. If you respect the inspirations of other artists, and would like to sail in the art world, this craft artist resume sample will help you to create the launch pad. 
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Model and Mold Maker Resume

Every instrument and objects that we use is composed with the help of molds. Molds are the casts and dies that is used in giving a shape, and size to objects. It helps in giving birth to the objects, and is used in all types of industries. Molds are made by mold makers, which are further utilized for production purposes. The mold maker job requires hands skills. If giving shape to something is your passion, you can find the job by creating a model and mold maker resume.

The mold makers should be able to read and understand the outline or blueprints of molds. Since reading the blueprints is the beginning of making mold, the mold maker resume must include analysis and interpretation skills. The employers would also try to find whether you are familiar with the tools and devices used in molds creations. Usually, job in this field is offered to experienced hands since it requires patience, precision and ability to work according to the outline created for making molds. So, ensure that the model and mold maker resume communicate the specific skills to the employers.

While writing, download the resume template from the internet to arrange the information in your resume. A sample of model and mold maker resume given below will help you in getting the job.

Model and Mold Maker Resume

Personal Details
Name: Kelly L. Villalobos
Address: 3279 Camden Place
Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: (843) XXX-5892
Email: klvillalobos@xyz.com


Seeking a position of model and mold maker where I can utilize my skills in making molds for different types of objects.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Ability to maintain hands steady and firm
  • Proficient in working with design-generated software
  • Exceptional multi-tasking and communication skills
  • Skilled in creating molds for all sizes and objects shapes
  • Flawless interpretation skills
  • At home in working with all tools, instruments and devices used in making molds

Work Experience

Model and Mold Maker
Bright Mold Makers, Charleston, SC 
2008 – Present
  • Interpret the blueprints and create plaster molds for production process
  • Draw, sketch and develop mock molds using hands or with the help of computer
  • Develop and cut template using hand tools to make the modeling frame
  • Mix materials, plaster and water in right quantity to prepare molds
  • Apply brush by dipping it in liquid soap on modeling frames to prevent plaster sticking
  • Pick up mixed plaster and place it on modeling frame
  • Build up plaster layers and reinforce plant fiber in the template to form mold or model by removing excess plaster
  • Use tools to cut off hardened sections of the model or mold
  • Check joints and defects and rectify by refilling plaster in it


Associate Degree in Mold Making
ABC Community College, Charleston, SC

On request

If you are talented in shaping anything such as jewelry, candles, soaps, and everything that can be used for production or personal purpose, then shape your career with the help of this model and mold maker resume.
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Tips to write a Check Cashier Resume

Check Cashier ResumeA check cashier is the one who maintains the cash registers and other purchases made by customers in various departmental stores and retail shops. They record the prices, calculate the purchases, total the taxable items and also collect cash or check against the purchase.  The job is quite demanding as it involves taking a lot of responsibilities. A check cashier needs to be well organized and should also possess some experience in this filed. These points are of major important while drafting a check cashier resume. 

There are various responsibilities that a check cashier undertakes. These includes, stocking the shelves and marking prices on it, counting the money in cash drawers, record the daily transaction from the cash register to the cash drawer and making sure that both are balanced, weighing grocery items or merchandise, issuing stamps, redeeming coupons and food stamps and the list is still endless. The person applying for this job therefore possesses good work ethics with a good character. They should be reliable and someone who can undertake the responsibilities with ease. A check cashier resume should be drafted keeping all the responsibilities in mind which a check cashier has to undertake. 

A check cahier resume should begin with listing the contact details of the applicant. Contact details include, name, address, contact numbers, and e mail address. Personal details such as the candidate’s age, marital status, children if any, nationality, can also be listed. 

A check cashier resume should begin with the candidate’s career goal. One should take efforts to make sure that the statement is effective and impressive. It should convince the employer that you are there to prove quality service to the customers. 

Skill and qualifications which is the heart of a check cashier resume needs to be highlighted. Skills should be put in bullets and should be precise. It should communicate the employer that the applicant is apt for the job. 

Apart from this experience which is also very essential in this profile should be listed appropriately laying emphasis on the duties and responsibilities one undertook during the previous job.

Finally a good resume should end with your educational qualification and references. References are very important for a check cashier resume as the job is quite confidential and requires the applicant to be trustworthy. A letter of recommendation is required in most cases for employer to hire a candidate for his post.

Candidate’s traits can also be reflected in a check cashier resume and one should make sure that the resume is convincing enough to consider the candidate for the job. The format of a check cashier resume remains the same as any other professional document. One should note that the resumes do not carry any errors as this would leave a bad impact of the applicant.
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Contract Administrator Resume

The contract administrator is responsible for supervising and coordinating various contract negotiations. They need to have proficiency in preparing, analyzing, negotiating, and reviewing contracts. The contract administrator has to deal with contracts related to purchase or sales of products, materials, services and equipment depending upon the company they work for. As most applicants are not aware about the exact details that should be highlight in their resume, therefore we have provided a sample contract administrator resume that can be used as a reference.

Sample of Contract Administrator Resume

Rick K. Washington
910 Williston Street
San Diego, CA 92123
Home: 760-994-4319
Cell No: 760-994-4789
Email-id: rick.w@abc.com

Job Objectives:

To work as a contract administrator in a leading multinational company where I can utilize my contract supervision skills gained over the years.

Work Experience:

Contract Administrator, RTS Company Pvt. Ltd., December, 2007 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Supervising work of the marketing and contract negotiation team
  • Study the contract details of various sales and purchase contracts and make necessary amendments in them
  • Managing the work of the contract management team and providing guidance to them
  • Submitting necessary reports to the higher management
  • Attending meeting and seminars to discuss new contract details
  • Conducting meeting with the clients and vendors to discuss contract details

Contract Administrator, ATD Company Pvt. Ltd., June, 2005 to December, 2007

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Supervising the preparation of various contracts for sales of materials, products, and equipment
  • Coordinating the negotiation of purchase and sales of material, products and services between the company and the clients
  • Analyzing and reviewing the contracts created for the purchase and sales of companies products and services
  • Updating the marketing agents and sales officers about the new government rules and regulations


Masters in Business Administration, University of California, 2005
Bachelors in Business Administration, University of California, 2003


Certification in Contract Administration


Member of Association of Professional Office Managers


Fred C. Mathis
HR Head
RTS Company Pvt. Ltd.
4125 Simpson Avenue
San Diego, CA 92456
Cell No: 760-994-1123
Email-id: fred.m@abc.com

Millard M. Canady
HR Manager
ATD Company Pvt. Ltd.
1452 David Avenue
San Diego, CA 92458
Cell No: 760-994-9856
Email-id: millard.c@abc.com

The contract administrator resume example provided above was drafted considering vital points that should be highlighted in resume for such jobs. Once you have finished writing your resume, read it at least thrice to make it error-free. Send a customized copy of your resume sample every time you apply for a new job.
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Law Office Assistant Resume

Candidates applying for the post of Law Office Assistant need to create an effective, well-planned resume that focuses on their professional experience and knowledge about legal work. You need to plan your resume, before you start drafting it. Note down few vital points that you wish to include in your resume and when you are drafting your resume make sure that you highlight these details. The law office assistant resume sample that is provided below can be used as reference to write your resume.

Sample of Law Office Assistant Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Amy J. Hulsey
Address: 3337 Elkview Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Home Phone: (772) 429 1290
Mobile No.: (772) 429 8457
Email-id: amy.h@anymail.com

Job Objective

I would to work as Law Office Assistant with leading law firm, where I can utilize my knowledge about legal work assistant.

Professional Experience

Designation: Law Office Assistant
Name of Company: HDB Company Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure: April, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Draft pleadings, plan legal arguments, and obtain affidavits
  • To organize and provide all the case details to the lawyer before hearing of any case
  • Track and organize legal documents and files
  • Drafting mortgage documents and separation agreements
  • Maintain database of clients using customized software

Designation: Law Office Assistant
Name of Company: DSC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure: June, 2005 to March, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Attend meetings with the lawyers to understand the legal documents to be prepared and filed
  • Prepare mortgage contract documents and draft legal files
  • Assist the client to plan estates
  • Assist the clients to prepare tax returns
  • Send report to the reporting lawyer  about daily work


Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, University of Florida, 2005
High School Diploma, Florida High School, 2002

Key Skills
  • Punctual
  • Hard working
  • Through knowledge about preparing legal documents
  • Good interpersonal skills

Computer Proficiency
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS Access
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • Internet


CLA (Certified Legal Assistant) from NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants)


Member of NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants)


Name: Kara F. Limos
Designation: Recruitment Head
Name of Company: HDB Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 112 High Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Mobile No.: (772) 429 1483
Email-id: kara.l@anymail.com

Name: John S. Anderson
Designation: Lawyer
Name of Company: DSC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 8457 Gold Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
Mobile No.: (772) 429 8329
Email-id: john.a@anymail.com

The law office assistant resume must be drafted in such a way that professional experience and skills should be highlighted.
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Administrative Resume Sample

Administrative Resume Sample
Administrative resumes are used while applying to any administrative job. Administrative jobs are the apex of the hierarchy of jobs in any organization. While writing your administrative resume, you need to be very careful. Write your resume and cover letter as if you are talking to the president himself. Yes, be that careful. Administrative posts are the most important jobs, more important than almost every other job posts in any company. When applying for such high profile jobs, your resume should be a high profile resume as well, written in a professional manner. There are many administrative resume samples available on the net. We have impressive and helpful samples with us for your reference. However, make sure you are not copying off stuff from these online available resumes. It is beneficial if you take an idea of constructing resumes from these samples and then use your own thoughts and words in the resume as so many people would be copying off content from these sites. HR mangers always prefer individualistic resumes rather than a resume that has the same “career objective” as the earlier five resumes. Think like your employer, as it will help you in figuring out what you need to do with your resume.  When you are applying for an administrative resume, you need to keep in mind that your soft skills, qualities, and work experience are the most important. You need to show the HR that you have the required qualities, people skills, and confidence for successfully working as an administrator.

We will now provide you with some resume dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind. Always proofread your resume in a number of ways to weed out any possible mistakes and typos. Use an active voice in the resume rather than passive as it makes reading much easier. Use bullet points rather than long paragraphs. Use a proper font size and style, professional yet not boring. In other words, you need to make every effort possible for making your resume reader friendly. Keep the resume length to a maximum of two pages and if possible, keep it to a page. Use meatier work experiences, achievements and skills to enhance your resume rather than increasing its quantity. When it comes to important work profiles, like resumes for administrative purposes, it is about quality, not quantity.

We expect that these resume tips have helped you enough to create an impressive resume. You can start working on your administrative resume and hope that you will get your dream job.
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Truck Driver Resume Sample

Truck Driver Resume Sample
When you are planning to apply for the post of truck driver. You might be confused whether to send a resume or directly appear for the interview. In today's professional world, resume is a very important aspect of the job search process. You need a well-planned, effective truck driver resume to apply for such job profiles. Before actually meeting you, the employer would like to know certain details about you such as your previous work experience as truck driver, license, knowledge about traffic rules and regulation, and professional skills. It is essential to keep the formatting of the resume professional and simple.

How to write Truck Driver Resume?

To write a truck driver resume, you should understand the important details that should be included in resume for this job profile. Following are few tips about writing truck driver resume:
  1. Include essential details that are considered as basic requirement for this job. You need license. So mention details of the commercial license that you possess. Include details about your license such as state of issuing, validity, and type.

  2. Under the work experience section mention details about your duties in the previous organization. Provide details about the goods that you transported, the efforts you took to deliver the goods on time, mention details about the documents you maintained and collected from the customer, and your proficiency in maintaining a log of all the road trips.

  3. Most companies use global positioning system and different technologies to keep track of vehicles route. It is essential to mention details about your understanding of such technologies. Knowledge about using computer to maintain data should be include in the resume.

  4. Highlighting key skills required for the job is important. You should mention details about your decision making skills. Provide example about how you plan and choose route for safe and fast travel. Most truck drivers are given a target time within which they need to deliver goods. Therefore, it is important to mention example about how you delivered goods on time.

  5. Mention training details in your resume. If you have received training about route navigation, checking weather condition, monitoring traffic, and repair of vehicles, then it is essential to mention those details in your resume.

  6. You may refer some truck driver example or truck driver sample resume. By referring example for truck driver resume or sample resume for truck driver you can ease the process of resume writing.

The truck driver resume should focus on essential details like the candidate's license details, training, professional experience, and professional expertise at route navigation. You must take efforts to proofread your resume and make sure that it is error-free. A well-written, professional resume will help you to create the right impression and get the desired job you are looking for.
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Auditor Resume Sample

Auditor Resume Example
An auditor is an accountant in charge of verifying a person/ company's financial accounts. The auditor has to carry out research and check bookkeeping. Another responsibility of an auditor is to examine a company's records and to ensure if they fit the company's present financial situation. 

An auditor's resume comes under the executive resumes; hence, take special care when you are making your resume for the post of an auditor. Any job post advertisement or opening usually accounts for a hundred to a thousand resumes. Now, imagine being faced with so many resumes, out of which you are supposed to take in only a couple of dozen people. Therefore, now you know how much necessary it is that your resume should stand out among the hundreds of other entries. For this, your career decisions, skills, and work experience must be impressive. However, these are not the only prerequisites; you also must present all this information in the best possible way. For this, you must be at home with the rules and norms of writing an impressive executive resume. We have a resume format where all the sections required in an auditor resume are mentioned and tips regarding it are given as well:

Personal Information

This is the first section of your resume; it should include your name, address, phone number, marital status, nationality, college, or university (for fresh graduates) and email address, if you regularly use it. When submitting a hard copy, it is visually appealing to use a large font for your name. Include both a local and permanent address and a phone number so that the employer can easily reach you.

Career Objective

Although optional, a career objective statement lets the employers know the direction you want to go in, your work preferences, and serves as a focal point for employers to review and analyze your resume. It helps employers recognize the kind of position you want at a glance. If you are looking for jobs in different fields, tailor each resume to suit the specific job you seek. Do not write an unclear objective. 


In this section, include any information about your degree(s), including where and when you graduated; major, minor, or concentration; certification. Make sure you use the official names for schools, degrees, and majors/minors.

Include all honors, special awards, and recognitions like Phi Beta Kappa, Awards for papers presented, etc in the Achievements sections, or you can club both sections and mention these in the educational section itself. Include your GPA if it is good. 

Employment History

The way you arrange the "experience" section depends on what you are looking for and what you have done. This section lists in sequential order the positions you have held, names and locations of employers, and dates employed. You should also list tasks, achievements, noteworthy contributions, and demonstrated skills.

Skills and Abilities

This is the section where you need to mention important and interesting information (soft skills), for example, communication, and interpersonal skills. With the advance of technology, we recommend including a section on computer skills. Mention these under a subheading of technical/ computer skills and should include any knowledge you have of computer programs, h/w, s/w, database knowledge, OS, or Internet functions. If you have any other skills, such as fluency in foreign languages, musical talents, or writing skills, etc., include them here. 

Activities and Honors

If you have received any awards/honors, or have been involved in campus or community organizations, such as athletics, members clubs, or student government, you should mention them in this section. Employers may question you about these, so it is better if you do not mention too many irrelevant things.


Ask the references you would like to list in advance for their permission to enlist them in your resume. Use faculty and employers as references, not personal acquaintances.
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Makeup Artist Resume

Makeup Artist Resume Example
Whenever you see an actor or actress changing their looks, often a thought walks in your mind asking you a question ‘how it is possible to wear so many looks for these performers?’ It is achievable because of the makeup artists. Makeup artists have the talent to transform any person from a simple, decent looking man to a rowdy character. These skilled workers work to see that the artists look the character they are portraying on the screen. If you love giving new looks to people, you can find a job with a makeup artist resume.

As a makeup artist, you can try your luck in movie, television, and fashion industries. The makeup artist resume should show the trade skills. It should talk about the productions you have applied your skills in. For example, the employers would like to know the movie, television serial and theatrical performances you have worked in. If you have done makeup for some famous actors, you can mention their names as well.

Being in the makeup business, you should be able to change the artists’ looks by applying makeup. At times, you will also be asked to style the artists’ hair. This explains that you must be ready with all the tools in your armor that is needed for the job. Moreover, people with multiple skills attract employers’ attention. So, adding extra skills that can be utilized in the job is always beneficial. If you are wondering how to relate it to the job, resume writing tips will help you.

Makeup Artist Resume Sample

Roy M. Metcalf
2266 Brown Avenue
Blue Ridge, SC 29651
Phone: (864) XXX-2578
Email: rmmetcalf@xyz.com


To work as a makeup artist for the show business where I can face the challenging tasks of transforming performers suiting the characters they are personifying on the screen.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Five years of experience as a makeup artist
  • Knowledge of the cosmetic industry
  • Ability to interpret the character and determine the required makeup
  • Proficient in styling artists’ hair
  • Knowledge of prosthetics for makeup purpose
  • Deep understanding of colors and can determine what color could suit a particular skin tone
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Skilled in performing makeup on clients according to the occasion they are getting ready for
  • Excellent creative and time-management skills
  • Unusual talent to supervise the activities of other makeup artists

Work Experience

Makeup Artist
Paramount Film and Television Studio, Blue Ridge, SC
2009 – Present
  • Communicate with directors and producers to understand the needs of the script
  • Visualize and present a visual image on how the character would look once makeup is done
  • Identify the project budget to determine the makeup materials
  • Select color and materials according to the character need
  • Clean, rinse, tone, and prepare artists’ skin for makeup application
  • Sketch different hairstyles for actresses, and implement it while styling
  • Coordinate with team members to achieve consistency in makeup
  • Build a reputation with artists to create good working environment
  • Perform makeup considering the light and camera effects
  • Ensure good working conditions by following safety and hygiene regulations
  • Detail health awareness to team members
  • Develop moulds for face and body
  • Use wigs, prosthetics, and hairpieces for makeup
  • Stay abreast with the latest makeup trends by reading cosmetics magazines

Asst. Makeup Artist
Fair Makeup Studio, Blue Ridge, SC
2007 – 2009
  • Performed makeup on models for fashion shows, and advertising campaigns
  • Sold lipstick, mascara and other beauty products to clients
  • Assisted in providing consultancy services to various clients
  • Applied makeup to hide black heads, scars and dark circle
  • Designed prostheses evaluating the performance place, and lights used
  • Provided suggestions to clients on skin care
  • Helped in giving new and different looks to clients as requested

Associate Degree in Cosmetology
Institute of Cosmetic Technology, Blue Ridge, SC


On request

The demand for skilled makeup artists will grow in a few couples of years. At the same time, the competition to grab the job will also amplify. If you want to stay in the business, see that your makeup artist resume shows your skills and talents professionally.
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Advertising Sales Agent Resume

Advertising Sales Agent Resume Sample
Advertising sales agents work in major three different industries such as public relations, advertising, and other related services; radio and television broadcasting; and newspaper, book, periodical publishers. According to a recent survey the employment of advertising sales agent is expected to grow by 7 percent. Candidates with work experience in sales, good communication skill and pleasant personality have a good chance of getting selected for the job. Even though education is not an important criterion for job selection, but recruiters prefer entry level candidates with bachelor's degree and course in marketing, communication, advertising or business. The advertising sales agent resume must focus on the candidate's professional experience customized according to the job requirements.

There are two types of advertising sales agents, one that works for local clients and others that work for national advertisers. It is essential that you mention your specialization detail. If you are expert in handling local clients, then mention it in your advertising sales agent resume sample. Those working along with national advertisers should include their proficiency to handle these clients and multilingual abilities. Along with work experience details the employers are looking for skills such as written communication, interpersonal abilities, organized behavior self-motivation, independence, multi tasking and persistence. The professionals in the sales department are paid high incentives based on their performance. Therefore, the employers look for candidates who would be able to handle stress of target oriented work environment and achieve the targets assigned to them.

Candidates need to mention details about their target achievement and awards received for target achievements during their previous jobs. The Professional experience section of the resume must include details about the candidate's roles and responsibilities. You can include a list of duties such as calling clients and taking their appointments, meeting clients and explaining details about the advertising space, arranging follow up meetings with clients, taking efforts to create new client base by networking. Once you start working in this field, you will understand that the employer is looking for candidates with sales abilities, neat professional appearance and pleasant personality. Hence, you resume should always lay emphasis on these details.

When you are drafting your advertising sales agent resume, make sure that you have all the important details and documents handy for reference. You must mention only factual information in your resume as these details will be verified by the employer. The formatting of this document should be kept simple. The contact details should be bold or have larger font size, the titles of different sections should be in bold, bullet points should be used to list important details and italic or underline can be used to highlight data.
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Database Administrator Resume

Sample Database Administrator Resume
Whenever the companies feed information of their clients in the system, they have to apply methods that could ensure them the safety of the stored data. This critical work is handled by a database administrator. To be employed at this position, the database administrator resume should convince the employers that you are the right candidate who can protect the stored information with knowledge of technical applications.

Being from a technical field, you can easily access resume samples on the internet. However, those samples will not match with your experiences and qualifications. Therefore, you must refer them just for an idea and try to create the database administrator resume that is different from those samples.

Database administrators are employed by companies to manage business information. They need candidates who can perform backups, security checks and keep a constant vigil on stored information. You must add educational and computer training details in the database administrator resume. Some company would also prefer a degree in a business administrator. If you have that, include it in the resume to enhance the job opportunity.

Database Administrator Resume Sample

Nelson E. Edgar
2348 Del Dew Drive
Savage, MD 20763
Phone: (301) XXX-7349
Email: needgar@xyz.com


To apply my knowledge and experience in database management systems to plan, coordinate and implement security measures to protect business information of the company.


Knowledge of tools and applications backed with extensive work experience in handling large databases. Expert in planning, designing, coding, testing, and modifying existing database programs.

  • Oracle 10g Database Administration
  • SQL, T-SQL
  • Experience in handling health care industry database
  • Data protection and system integration
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to design and apply tools in maintain database

Work Experience

Database Administrator
ABC Pharmaceuticals, Savage, MD
2007 – Present
  • Analyze and review the existing database management system
  • Test and correct errors in the database programs
  • Plan, supervise and implement safety measures in safeguarding stored information
  • Prevent unauthorized access and damages to the information
  • Approve, schedule, plan and coordinate installation of new software and hardware
  • Check and install database protection applications in computers
  • Maintain a proper documentation of the database programs
  • Identify and provide access to specific users in accessing information
  • Develop methods to integrate the entire computer with the server
  • Review projects and provide time and cost estimates to clients
  • Work in coordination with the team and provide input in the database development
  • Specify codes to monitor database


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
ABC University, Savage, MD


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If you want to join the work force that offers attractive packages, then keep updating your knowledge and skills. Before mailing the database administrator resume to the employer, proofread it and edit any spelling mistakes.
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